Outfit: Santa’s Elves


In the last few years, Christmas just didn’t feel the same.  I can’t put my finger on it, but I’d never want to sing carols or decorate or do any of the things I normally love.  My heart had none of its magical holiday joy.

But this year is different.  I’m back in the Christmas spirit!  The cold doesn’t feel so cold, I blast Christmas music in my car and sing all the way home from work, and I’ve even decorated my apartment this year.  While it might look a little sparse, you should know that normally my decorations can be summed up with one (1) stuffed fox toy.  But now?  Garland! Lights! Mugs! Candles!

I’m trying to pin down what’s caused my heart to grow three sizes this year.  Maybe it’s the fact that there’s snow on the ground.  Maybe it’s because I’m working out more to control my seasonal depression.  Who knows?  Who cares?  I’m just happy to buzz around town buying gifts and wrapping them and taking Moxie out for winter walks in her smart fleece jacket and red boots.

Happy Holidays, you guys.





3 thoughts on “Outfit: Santa’s Elves

  1. I love the garlands- very festive and will definitely put you in the mood for some holidaying 🙂 This is such a great outfit too, and it’s so simple. I feel like I always over complicate my outfits.
    – Nicole
    The Artyologist


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