Thanksgiving in List Form, Part 2




Every year, I like to put together a list of the things I’m thankful for.  Without further ado, here’s what I’m celebrating:

  1. My new camera remote!  I don’t know why I didn’t shell out the $10 for it before.
  2. Having long hair to play with.
  3. The sliver of bed that Moxie allows me to sleep on.
  4. All of my friends and family, who keep me sane at home, at work, and elsewhere.
  5. Living in a town full of astounding architecture.
  6. Coffee, especially when it’s good (but even when it’s not).
  7. Little House on the Prairie (the books, not the show).
  8. Lightroom’s teeth-whitening tool.  I can drink all the coffee I want and never worry about stains!
  9. thredUP.  I buy something from that site at least once a week.  I’m obsessed and I don’t even feel guilty about it because it’s a sustainable/ethical way to buy clothes and it ain’t that expensive. (Not sponsored, I just really love it.)
  10. Inspiration.
  11. Improvement.
  12. Falling in love for the first time.
  13. Moxie Girl!
  14. The new pie shop that opened down the street from my apartment.  I guess I’m not moving now.
  15. The boldness to steal candies from the vice president’s office.  Worth it.
  16. My car.  Even though it’s old and beat up, it still gets me from A to B with very little fuss.
  17. Finally having platinum blonde hair.  It takes a lot of upkeep, but I think it’s the color I was born to have.
  18. Traveling by plane for the first time!  Can you believe I never flew until this year?
  19. Enjoying my day job.
  20. Netflix randomizers.
  21. My glasses.
  22. Being happy with my body.
  23. Blogilates.  Cassey Ho, you’re my hero!!
  24. Breaking up with my boyfriend.  Ultimately, I think this was a good thing, so I’m gonna do my best to feel thankful for it.
  25. My hiking group.
  26. Lazy days off.
  27. Productive days off.
  28. Being petite and living in a time when body positivity/inclusivity is a thing.
  29. Hungryroot.
  30. Velvet.
  31. Treat Yo Self Day.
  32. Being able to stick up for myself.
  33. Living alone (well, except for a certain fuzzy someone).
  34. Being healthy and able-bodied.
  35. My gram’s mashed potatoes.
  36. Podcasts.
  37. Having access to plenty of good books.
  38. Animal shelters.
  39. Easily finding the humor in most situations.
  40. Doggy daycare.  Yes, it’s a thing.  Moxie and I love it.
  41. Milk chocolate.
  42. Getting to leave work at the same time every day.
  43. Grubhub.
  44. Central heating and air conditioning in my apartment.
  45. Moxie’s “hugs” when I come home from work. (Really, she’s just stretching on me, but let’s pretend it’s a hug.)
  46. Everything Lush makes.  The bath bombs, lip tints, shampoos, everything.
  47. Being a woman.  Right now that’s not an easy thing, but I’m glad to be who I am.
  48. My education.
  49. Flannel sheets.
  50. Always having a big Thanksgiving meal.

Even if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving, what are some things you’re thankful for?


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in List Form, Part 2

  1. I’m glad you liked it!! It feels pretty good to think back on all the great things from the last year. And thanks! I want to wear that hat in every post but I’m afraid of getting too redundant!


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