Outfit: Blowing in the Wind


Remember how I said that the only thing that could hold me back from taking pictures was bird poop?  Well, that got tested this weekend.



You might notice that my clothes and hair are askew in nearly every picture. When I went out to take pictures, it was a scant 35 degrees, and a wind advisory was in effect.  Great gusts of 35 mph blew across the trees, and it was a challenge for me to stay on my feet!  It seemed as though the wind would take a breath now and then only to come back and blast even more furiously than before.

Thankfully, it blew perfectly horizontal, so I never had to worry about my skirt flying up.  It stayed put the whole time, if a little sideways.  And it’s not like anyone was around to notice, anyway.  Normally, this spot is full of people and pets, but no one wanted to be out that day.  Can’t say I blame them!

At one point, I had to run back to my car to warm up, but after my hands were warm, it was right back to it.  At least I kept my coat on the whole time!

I can’t be the only one who takes pictures under extreme conditions, right?  What’s the craziest thing you’ve endured to get good photos?



11 thoughts on “Outfit: Blowing in the Wind

  1. That wind was truly terrifying — I made it outside for about 10 minutes and then ran for the hills. You are so good at getting consistently good photos under even the most hostile weather conditions! I’m also loving that shade of orange on you!



    1. Thanks! And kudos to you for making it 10 minutes–any time AT ALL out there is laudable 🙂 And I really like that pop of orange too! Makes me want to dye my hair red but then I worry I’d be copying A Clothes Horse!


  2. Oh my! it’s so cold there already! When I used to live in Wyoming we had weather like that a lot… DURING THE SUMMER! It was nuts. i did go take outfit photos this weekend and I had to bike there. It was 30 degrees that morning so it was a pretty brisk bike ride!

    Lee – leethrifts.com


  3. Haha honestly, I feel like of all the places I’ve shot, the “craziest place” would have to be at the coffee shop that I used to work at. I am still pretty new to blogging, and haven’t quite gotten passed the whole “ahhh its so embarrassing to have to shoot in my town, where people I know might see me!” bit. I know two people, and sooo many regulars at that shop, and would probably turn so bright red if any of them came over to ask what we were doing!

    I’m hoping some day I’ll have a better “craziest shoot’ story, but at this point that’s it, haha!



    1. Honestly, I think that totally qualifies! I don’t think I’d ever have the nerve to go somewhere I knew I might see acquaintances, so way to be a badass!


  4. These photos turned out beautifully considering the conditions! I wouldn’t have guessed that the wind was so bad.
    My “craziest” also involves wind, as I was taking pictures as a thunderstorm was rolling in and threatening to pour rain at any moment. I got the photos, and just in time too- as soon as the pictures were done, it started raining!
    The Artyologist


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