Outfit: What Big Ears You’ve Got





While blogging originally started out as a fun hobby for me, it’s had so many unforeseen benefits.  I’ve entered into a very positive, supportive community, made amazing friends online and IRL, and I continue to learn every single day.  One of the most significant pluses, though, is how I’ve come to see my body.

Being dissatisfied with my figure was something that I accepted as a matter of course.  I was underweight at one point in my life, and I never used to feel like my body was “right.”  Every time I lost a few pounds, I’d feel bad about how my clothes fit–and the same was true whenever I gained a few.  I never looked at myself in the mirror and just felt good.

And yet, after looking at photos of myself day in and day out, I got familiar with what I looked like in an objective way.  I saw my body for what it was.  I stopped making judgments about my hips or my thighs or my (lack of) breasts.  More than anything, I was looking at my clothes, not the person in them!

And maybe that’s part of it–over the years, I’ve learned what looks best on my body, and now I stick to styles that I know will flatter me.  For the most part, though, I think seeing my figure so much has made me get used to how I look.  Sometimes we come to love what’s familiar to us, and that’s been the case for me.

It’s been freeing not to worry about it, and the only thing that prompted me to write this post was the fact that I didn’t like my hair in these pictures.  What a wonderful thing it is just to dislike my hair for a day!

It’s true that every now and then, I still get down about my bod, but I no longer feel like I did a couple of years ago.  Most days, I’m simply happy. And for that, I’m extremely thankful.


6 thoughts on “Outfit: What Big Ears You’ve Got

  1. I love this post. I have had so many body issues over the last fifteen years, its insane. Every time I think I’ve gotten over them, they rear their ugly head again. I love the idea of using your blog as a way to see yourself from the outside. So often we are the only ones that see our imperfections, having a way to objectively see ourselves is so valuable!

    I’m glad that your blog has helped you become more comfortable in your own skin, its a something that can make your life so much happier, and something that is sometimes so hard to achieve.

    You go girl!



    1. I’m glad you liked this post, but I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a struggle with body image. If you ever want to talk about it, I would be happy to listen!


  2. I loved this post, Devinne! I’m so glad that your blog has helped you with your body image. In ways, it has definitely still helped me but I still have days where I don’t feel so confident and I HATE how I look in photos. But I’m having more days where I feel good so that’s a plus!

    Lee – leethrifts.com


    1. And I think it’s a slow, imperfect process, but I’m glad that you’re having more good days than bad! Who’d have thought style blogging could do such a thing??


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