Outfit: With Any Luck


I’m just going to tell you a funny story.



I can get a little intense about blogging.  Lists and notes lie in stacks on every available surface in my little studio.  I stick to a tight shooting schedule and always edit my photos the day I take them.  On weekends, before the sun rises, I’m already awake and ready to go.  And if anything gets in the way, I refuse to let it stop me.  Remember that time I cut open my foot on a piece of glass in my bathroom?  And when I finally got out to my shoot location, it stormed so bad that I was stuck under a covered bridge for an hour?

Well, I’m afraid there’s one thing that can derail my best efforts: bird poop.

Originally, when I put on this outfit, I went out to a small park with a grove of trees bursting into the loveliest colors.  Enchanted by the prettiness of the scene, I placed myself right beneath a canopy of the thickest branches.  A flock of birds lighted on the twigs and sang for me–I felt like Snow White!  Blithely, I smiled for the camera…and then, out of nowhere, a warm PLOP fell onto my head and shoulders.

I looked down, and I saw that there was bird poop on my new blazer and in my freshly-washed hair.

For a minute, I considered continuing with my shoot–after all, I had to stick to my schedule!–but the ickiness was too much, even for me.  I packed up in a hurry and cried the whole way home.

My mom always told me that getting pooped on was good luck.  Well, after that happened, nothing but bad stuff happened, big and small.  But I’m hoping that at some point, the good luck will kick in.  It has to, doesn’t it?

Anyway, one good thing is that I received these cute deer earrings from Mikukumi!  They specialize in fabric button earrings, but they also carry hair accessories and other jewelry.  Not only are their pieces beautiful (and right up my alley), but they’re all handmade right here in America!  Besides these deer earrings, I also got a few other pairs, which you might see if you look closely at some of my other posts.  And now I’ve got my eye on these snowflake ones for this winter.

If you want to snap up some pretty button earrings yourself, you can find the shop here.  Their email addresses are info@mikukumi.com or mikukumiLA@gmail.com, and their Facebook and Insta handle is @mikukumi.  Check them out and let me know which of their pieces is your favorite!


13 thoughts on “Outfit: With Any Luck

  1. OMG worst nightmare! So sorry you got pooped on! I’m the same way! I take outfit pictures right after work on Thursday or Friday and don’t let anything stop me from getting those pictures! Seriously love your skirt!!


  2. Not gonna lie, this story was exactly what I needed this week! I needed a laugh (sorry to laugh at you but you’re a great writer and it was funny lol). I’ve been pooped on before. It was during my lunch break and I had to go back to work! Ew. But yeah, I feel you on bad things just keep happening this week… it’s got to turn around soon!
    PS. I am digging this outfit and the photos!

    Lee – leethrifts.com


    1. Oh no!! I swear, these damn birds KNOW what they’re doing. Anyway, I’m sorry you had a bad week…as far as this country goes, I can’t honestly say everything’s going to be all right, but I can tell you that it heartens me to see so many people coming together and fighting for each other.


  3. This is one of those stories that makes you laugh *and* feel bad about what happened at the same time. My sister and I call those ‘what happened was’ stories, because I’ll find out that she ran into some obstacle and ask what happened, and she’ll begin her answer with ‘well, what happened was…’


    1. That’s a good name for it!!

      Part of me kind of wishes I would have saved some of the bird poop pictures for a blooper reel of sorts, but I was so upset when it happened that I furiously deleted them all.


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