Outfit: Hear Me Roar


If you look closely at my face, you can see that I’m just barely concealing a scowl underneath.  Why is that? What about this perfectly idyllic little town could make me burn with rage?



The answer: old white dudes.

When I’m out taking pictures, I’m very used to people taking second glances or even staring for a minute.  I know it’s got to be strange to see someone twirling around and mugging at a camera by herself.  But this time was different.

I had been at it for about fifteen minutes when this knot of older “gentlemen” started openly gaping at me.  And then came the wolf whistles, and finally, out came their phones to take pictures of me.  (Ironic, huh?)

I was really uncomfortable, and before I scurried off to a different spot, I told them, “I wish you guys would stop.  You’re really creeping me out.”  They laughed–an ugly, leering kind of laugh.

Well, I trooped on for a while longer, and they all got in a car and drove slowly past my new spot, growling and making other weird noises.  Even though I was posing and the shutter was going off, I still flipped ’em the bird.  And I said some things that I don’t think they expected to hear from a teensy blonde teetering in high heels.

I felt so defeated.  What else could I do?  I couldn’t beat them up.  I couldn’t scare them into being decent human beings.  I couldn’t get them to respect me.  My only comfort is hoping that we’re raising the next generation of children to be respectful of one another and that these crotchety MFers will die off soon enough.

I could go on, but since most of you are also women, I’m pretty sure I’d be preaching to the choir.  I just had to get this off my chest.


20 thoughts on “Outfit: Hear Me Roar

  1. That is reprehensible behavior and it makes me hope there’s a special circle of Hell where garbage humans like this are consigned to an eternity of being scarily leered at by Hell’s Angels. So sorry this happened to you :(.

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    1. Ugh, wouldn’t that be great? I’m just crossing my fingers that this kind of behavior fades out over time. Thanks for the support!


  2. Wow I’m so sorry this happened to you! Not okay. I guess they’re not used to seeing such a beautiful lady and they didn’t know how to act.. like gentleman. Wow.. some people can be so rude.
    This outfit is so perfect, if I was out there and saw you in this.. I’d probably stare a bit as well! Gorgeous!!!


  3. I am SO sorry that happened to you, Devinne! Absolutely disgusting.
    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit afraid going out and shooting really early in the morning just because I am a very small (blind) girl. So, I’ve definitely been where you are before. At my old apartment complex, I started to feel afraid to walk to the gym (maybe half a mile away) because I got cat-called or harassed so much. And I’ve definitely noticed my fair share of creeps while I was taking photos and ducked into some bushes or something haha. Again, I am so sorry that happened to you – it’s a horrible feeling.

    Lee – leethrifts.com


    1. I remember reading one of your posts about that, and that’s such a horrible feeling. It’s a real tragedy that we feel unsafe just going about our days. 😦


  4. Awe, so sorry to hear that happened! Some people are so rude, especially after you asked them to stop.
    On another note, these pictures are lovely! You look absolutely beautiful.


    1. I’m sorry you’ve gone through this too! As much as I hate to say it, I have a feeling this is going to happen again, so I’m trying to figure out what to do next time.


  5. Oh gosh, I’m sorry you had to go through that. I haven’t experienced that yet, as I’ve always been shooting with my SO. However, since I am wanting to venture out and do this on my own, I do feel rather apprehensive after reading what you went through. It’s clearly NOT okay that women are subjected to this sort of behavior and often don’t feel safe out alone. It makes my blood boil to know that women face these sorts of things on a daily basis!


    1. Right?! It’s so unfair that women have to feel nervous just going about their days. That being said, I hope it doesn’t stop you from taking pictures on your own. Can’t let some weirdos ruin something you love doing! After talking to some friends about this, I feel much more prepared for a situation like this (if it ever happens again, which I hope it doesn’t). They told me to simply call the police. Sounds extreme, but there’s no better way to get creeps to stop creepin’.


  6. Ewwww! I think you did the right thing! First you told them to go away almost politely and then when they got worse, you FLIPPED OUT. GOOD! What pigs. I can’t believe they acted that way! I don’t blame you for using harsh language – I would have from the start, I think! Haha!


  7. Those guys were so gross–I kept thinking about how horrible it would be if they had daughters. I mean, how would they feel if someone harassed THEIR kids?? Totally unacceptable. If this ever happens again, I’m calling the police to make sure they get their comeuppance.


  8. Ugh, those guys are so gross. It’s frustrating having to deal with that kind of behavior in every day life, especially when you’re doing something that brings you joy (your blogging)! Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.


    1. Even now, I’m still mad that this happened. If this ever happens again, I’m just calling the police. Cat-callers gotta know there are consequences!


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