Outfit: Crazy Like a Fox


Lately, I’ve been a little reckless.  I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been spending way too much and indulging in every kind of sugary treat, and it’s starting to catch up with me.  After my Treat Yo Self Day a few weeks ago, I realized that my poor bank account was being stretched to its limits…as are my waistbands.  See, Treat Yo Self Day wasn’t an isolated incident.  I treat myself all the damn time.




Maybe it’s because I work all day and night, first at my real job and then at home with this blog.  Since I don’t usually have a lot of time to relax, I give in to snapping up my shopping wishlists and eating ice cream for dinner every night.  Or maybe there’s some kind of void in my life that I’m trying to fill.  Or maybe it’s just really fun to get. more. stuff.

Whatever it is, treating myself all the time has gotten to a point where I need to rein it in a little.  I’m going to try giving myself a little more break time and see how that goes.  It could be that chilling out with a book now and then will work as its own reward.  I’m certainly headed for a blog break soon, but I want to wait until all the brilliant leaves have fallen.

Do you guys ever get like this?  What do you do when you realize you’re indulging a little too much?

On a happier note, I do want to talk a bit about the dress I’m wearing.  The fine folks at eShakti contacted me and asked if I’d like to try their service, and since I’d been an at-a-distance fan for a while, I was very excited to take them up on it!  The whole point of the company is to make customized clothes.  They’ve got a nice selection of dresses, tops, bottoms, and jackets, but they give you so many options to tailor each piece to exactly what you want.  I liked this dress a lot, but I didn’t think the length would work for me.  Not to fear!  Not only do they take your height into account, but you can also pick out the hemline you want–from mini to maxi.  I also could have changed the collar and sleeves, but I liked them just as they were.  When my dress arrived, I loved that it fit me just right!  My only issue is that the sash that came with it was waaaaay too long, so I’ll be using my own belts.  Now excuse me while I order another dress…

You can find eShakti at their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Hat: vintage

Blazer: Banana Republic (plus some magic)

Dress: c/o eShakti

Shoes: Restricted

Clutch: Kate Spade



15 thoughts on “Outfit: Crazy Like a Fox

  1. Oh my gosh, I totally feel you on “treating yoself” a little too much at times. I end up doing it way too often, my poor bank account. I say this as I’m hitting purchase on a new moto jacket (to be fair, mine was stolen this weekend)

    On the plus side, this dress is adorable on you! Its so great that they take height in to account. I have the opposite problem from you, I’m 5’10.5″ and everything is too short on me!



    1. A girl always needs a good moto jacket! I’m sorry yours got stolen, but I bet your new one is even better 🙂

      And there totally needs to be more options for people like us who are outside the “normal” height range for clothes! I’m glad eShakti exists to help alleviate some of the problems with shopping when you’re not perfectly 5’5″.


  2. I treat myself here and there but it’s nothing too extravagant mostly because I don’t make very much money and am on a pretty tight budget. I do treat myself with some uber rides since I don’t drive hahaha or a few thrifted pieces here and there.

    I can definitely relate to working all day and night! I try and restrict my blogging work to the weekends and tuesdays/thursdays but sometimes I end up working on it every night! With the schedule it means I’m able to relax a little bit, which I know I need to do.

    Lee – leethrifts.com


    1. I like the idea of scheduling blog time. I do try to stick to a bit of a routine, but like you, I tend to get a little too absorbed in it at times!!


  3. eShakti is the BEST! I love them because I can always find dresses that are long enough for me. Speaking of which, I am doing a post with them in a week or so:) Also, loving the pictures of this post and all of the pieces to your ensemble:)


    1. There really need to be more shops like eShakti! So far everyone I’ve talked to about it has really liked the customization service, and I’m no different 🙂 I’m excited to see what you got!!


  4. Oh, I hear you with the treat-yo-self bit! I tend to indulge in shopping for fabrics. It’s a neverending affair… worst thing is, I actually have a justification for this –I need all the fabrics all the time because I sew with them and I need them for my business… But in reality I already have too much and I need to destash a.k.a. sew up stuff for my shop. Ugh.

    I also tend to go on thrifting sprees a bit too often. It doesn’t leave a hole in my pocket because thrifting is pretty cheap around here but still, too much is too much.

    Luckily, when I hit the point that I’m really overspending, I usually already feel so emotionally bloated with all the stuff I’d bought that I don’t even want to go online and search for new things to buy. But sadly, the cycle repeats itself after a month or two of fasting. I should get around to making sure it finally stops!

    Anyway, good to know I’m not the only one with this “condition”. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Please share if you come up with a good solution.


    1. I do the same thing! I get so caught up in the whirl of spending that I just get so tired of it. I’ll stop for a while, and then back to it! And I hear you on justifying new things–a lot of the time, I tell myself I need to get more stuff to wear for the blog. Something I’ve been thinking of trying is a “shopping my closet” challenge, where I’d have to wear every piece of clothing I own before getting anything new. I think it could be a good, creative way to figure out what you love and what you can donate.


    1. Thank you!! It took me literally hours to find that blazer, as I was shopping with a friend who’s basically the Queen of Jackets–she made me try on two dozen before she “approved” this one!


  5. I love your outfit here, and especially the blazer with the fur collar- it just adds a touch of glam. I noticed that fur is really coming back as a trend this fall- and that is OK with me!
    The Artyologist


    1. Thanks! I’m really into fur this year as well (well, faux fur), so I’ve been using this “collar” a lot lately–it’s actually the lining from a jacket that I removed!


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