Outfit: Treat Yo Self


Over the weekend, I went up to Wisconsin to visit one of my friends–she just landed an amazing job and took this fabulous apartment that’s none too far from Lake Michigan.  We explored the farmer’s market and discovered the coolest book store/tea shop in picturesque Kenosha, but those weren’t the highlights of the day.



After lunch, we made a stop at the outlet mall, where we decided to have a Treat Yo Self Day.  Even if you’re not a Parks and Rec fan, I think the name speaks for itself, doesn’t it?  It’s a day packed with buying what you want, eating what you want, and doing what you want.  In the end, I picked up all the clothes I’d been wanting for a while, plus a couple of extra goodies, like a gorgeous BCBG little black dress and the cutest Kate Spade clutch.

But even that wasn’t the end of it.  All day, I’d been wanting to visit Apple Holler and pick some apples, and every few hours, I would bring it up again.  When we were finished swiping our credit cards like they were Tinder, we were too late to pick, but we made the detour out and sat down to the tastiest home-cooked meal I’ve had in a long time.  And at the end, of course we had big slices of Dutch apple pie and mugs of hot cider.  It was like something out of Little House on the Prairie, you know?

We decided to make this an annual celebration, and I for one am all for it!  We all need a day to take care of ourselves.

Have you ever celebrated Treat Yo Self Day?  If you have, what have you done?

Jacket: Guess

Dress: thrifted

Shoes: ModCloth


9 thoughts on “Outfit: Treat Yo Self

    1. Treat Yo Self Days are the best! My new favorite holiday. And that’s awesome you got a leather jacket too–I can’t wait to see you in it!


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