Outfit: Two Can Play That Game


For a long time, Mox and Socks has been a pretty solitary space.  While it’s nice to communicate with other bloggers through emails and comments, most of the work that goes on ’round these parts can be a little lonely.dsc_0194



Not this week, though!  This past Sunday, I got to meet, hang out, and take pictures with none other than the incredible Emily Hallock of Thoroughly Modern Emily!  I’ve been following Emily’s blog for quite some time now, and I just adore her unparalleled collection of retro dresses.  And her voice really comes through in her posts–her wit, her excitement, her clever observations–it always draws me in.

Since we both live in/near Chicago, we thought we’d meet up and take some fun autumn pictures.  We drove out to one of my favorite settings, Mayslake Peabody Estate, and set up shop in the tree-lined path behind the Tudor-style mansion.

Spending the afternoon with Emily was so much fun!  We laughed at the silly poses we struck for our pictures, grumbled about politics, and juggled pumpkins.  And for once I wasn’t that weirdo taking pictures of herself, by herself!

One day soon, I hope we get together for another photo sesh.  And if you’re a Chicago blogger who wants to collaborate, shoot me an email!


9 thoughts on “Outfit: Two Can Play That Game

  1. YAYYYY! I had no idea you two lived close(ish) to each other! Seeing these photos made me so happy – I made it a goal of mine at the start of this year to meet/see as many socia media/blogging pals in real life as I could and I’ve been doing a decent job at it (mostly thanks to having a job that requires travel!). It’s so great that the internet connects us all into this tight knit community and it’s fun when we can make it happen in real life too!

    These photos are so great – your outfits are coordinated JUST enough with those fall hues and you both look beautiful!


    1. That’s an awesome goal!! I’d never met anyone from the blogging world before, but I had so much fun this time that I really would love to meet other bloggers. 🙂


    1. The funny thing is that we didn’t even plan it that way! Somehow it just worked out the way it should. Come visit us one day!!


  2. This was such a delightful day — I’m so glad we were able to hang out IRL, and I absolutely loved exploring Mayslake and watching a photography master at work! The pumpkin props totally made the shoot, too. I’m still so pleased that we both wound up wearing plaid, because all of these photos are so nicely coordinated! I’ll have to get to work on finishing my post!


    1. I LOVE the way these turned out! All that plaid works together in such a lovely, fall kind of way. I hope we can do this again soon!


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