Outfit: Ghosts and Stuff


Lately, I’ve been borderline obsessed with all things paranormal.  ‘Tis the season, right?  These days, I’ve been listening to as many ghost stories as possible, and I’ve been instigating all my friends into telling their own tales.  Some of them have told me spirits seem to follow them; others tell me they’ve seen horrible creatures.  As eager as I am to hear about their experiences with the other world, nothing’s really happened to me.  Except this one time…



I used to volunteer at an old Victorian house on the weekends.  I’d give tours and talk about the family that settled there in the 1850s.  Most of the time, it was such a pleasant place to be–I loved looking into the parlor, with its plush carpets and spindly, delicate furniture.  I would meander through the kitchen, wondering at the china cups and rough wooden bowls.  And the bedrooms were full of old treasures, like a Bible worked in jewels on the cover and homemade dolls.

But sometimes I wanted nothing more than to get out.

I knew I was being watched by someone upstairs.  Whoever it was would stare down at me while I sat in the front doorway waiting for visitors.  At the end of my shift, when I had to close all the blinds in the house, I scurried through the upstairs rooms as fast as I could–because I didn’t feel welcome. I never liked to go up there and only did it when I was leading a tour or closing up.

Once, when I was trying to get into the house, I unlocked the door and pushed to get in. No matter how hard I pushed, I couldn’t get it open.  Well, it’s over a hundred years old, so I was just a little frustrated with the antique hinges.  But when I finally did manage to pry it open, the door SLAMMED back at me with a bang.

After that, I got the idea that I needed to say hello before I tried entering the house.  That seemed to keep the peace.

Talking to other volunteers, I learned that my experiences weren’t unusual.  They’d tell me they heard knocking and footsteps, or the rooms would suddenly go cold. In fact, some had much worse to say.  One volunteer’s tour was interrupted by a woman who had to leave–she said someone was screaming at her from upstairs.

After one summer, I was done.  I’ve never gone back to visit.

What about you?  Do you have any good ghost stories?

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9 thoughts on “Outfit: Ghosts and Stuff

  1. First! I love your blog and I am so glad I stumbled upon it. Second..wow! that’s quite the story, I worked in a very old (1900’s) building in Washington state, and co-workers always talked about seeing ghosts but it never happened to me. Gives me the creeps when I hear people share ghost stories



    1. Thank you very much! And yeah, I can definitely relate to getting the creeps about stories like that–except I kind of like feeling a little spooked now and then!


  2. Oh, very spooky. I love a good ghost story and I have several of them myself. I’ve lived in three different haunted houses. The worst of which my whole family (including extended relatives) had experiences that ranged from paranoia, to disembodied voices, to objects moving on their own, and even full body apparitions. It was a difficult house to be alone in and it would be very hard not to believe in ghosts after that experience.

    Several people heard little girls laughing and singing while taking a shower, only to look out into the bathroom and see nothing but the giant pendant lights over the vanity swinging rapidly all on their own.

    My mom was in the basement on the computer and watched my reflection walk up behind her. She reached back to hug me and there was nothing there. I was upstairs.

    My sister was chased down the hall by phantom footsteps after seeing the reflection of an old woman in the TV screen.

    One night, my mom, my sisters, my brother, and I were sitting at the kitchen table. We heard the front door open and footsteps come down the hallway. Then the sound came around the corner and no one was there, but I watched the knob on the basement door turn. The door opened, closed, and the footsteps continued down the stairs.

    I have no explanation for it, but after moving out of that house my sister and I confessed to each other that we had both been sleeping with knives under our pillows because we were convinced people were going to break in. This compulsion only occurred for the last year we lived in the house. Never before and never after for either one of us. But, I remember being so absolutely convinced of it that I barely ever slept. I never attributed this to the ghosts because it was always earthly things I was afraid of, but the first night I spent in the new house was like the difference between having a heart attack and not having a heart attack. It was so decisive and tangible that I told me sister and discovered she had been going through the exact same thing.

    I hope that brings you some Halloween chills!



    1. Whoa, that is seriously creepy!! You gave me chills! Especially reading about your mom seeing your reflection when you weren’t anywhere nearby and your sister being chased by phantom footsteps–yikes!!


  3. Oh my gosh! Such a chilling story! I believe spirits exist around us – from time to time I breathe in when I am driving and get a whiff of my grandfather’s smell/cologne and I think it’s him visiting me and making sure I am OK. It only lasts a few seconds and then its gone and it’s random and happens every so often so I don’t think it’s just me imagining it or remembering being in his house and being around him.

    I also think my house is a bit haunted as light bulbs in our dining room and living room always burn out quickly and those rooms are in the part of our house that was built in 1900. We have reptiles and they use heat lamps/bulbs that burn out SO easily. One night, I said to my boyfriend that we better buy light bulbs that weekend because “how much you wanna bet, our tortoise’s light burns out tomorrow and we have no bulbs!” The very next morning, the moment I walked out of our bedroom door, my eyes landed on the tank and it was then that I saw his light bulb burn out. Coincidence? I’m not so sure…

    Anyway! Tales aside, I am digging those plaid tights! They’re so funky and adorably cool! Such a cute fall outfit!


    1. The light bulbs burning out all the time is pretty creepy, but it sounds almost comforting to smell your grandfather’s cologne. Really makes you wonder what’s just beyond the world we can see…


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