Outfit: Out with a Bang


I’ve had bangs for a very, very long time.  With the exception of a few experiments in high school and college, I’ve been rocking this ‘do since I was just a toddler with wispy blonde ringlets.  Having bangs feels so me, so crucial to my appearance and even my identity.

So why on earth would I grow them out?



I realized that I’ve been using my bangs to hide my face.  Whenever I’ve thought about growing them out, I look back at pictures of me when I didn’t have bangs, and I honestly think I’m ugly.  Not so with bangs!  They’ve always made me feel cute.  They soften my hard Irish bone structure and hide my poorly-maintained eyebrows.  And besides, at my height, I’ll never be sexy, so I may as well be as cute as possible, right?

WRONG!  Having this blog for over a year has made me so much more accepting of my body image than I’ve ever been.  There are parts of my body that I’ve always struggled with liking, but looking at pictures of myself day in and day out has really helped me appreciate myself!  Now I’m going to take on the challenge of feeling beautiful with a hairstyle I’ve always thought made me hideous.

To that end, I got my hated eyebrows tinted and waxed and totally Cara Delevingne-ized.  They’re bold and amazing!  I’ve also begun the long, slow process of growing out my bangs, so expect to see some tutorials and tips in the near future if you’re going through the same thing as me.

I want to turn it over to you guys.  Have you changed your hairstyle recently?  If you have, how are you feeling about it?

Sweater: ModCloth

Top: old, ModCloth

Skirt: ModCloth

Tights: old, Urban Outfitters

Shoes: old, Restricted

Bag: old, Disaster Designs



5 thoughts on “Outfit: Out with a Bang

  1. So….you are growing out your bangs and I recently cut mine:) So far I am liking having bangs again though at times they can be more work and waking up in the morning my hair is dreadful….lol. I like how they make me look different and sometimes to me they liven up a drab ponytail (because I don’t always like how I look wearing my hair up)….however, I know the struggle of growing out bangs so I feel you on that front!


  2. Haha I thought about how you just cut bangs! I think it’s fun to change it up every now and again, and more likely than not, I’ll go back to bangs again one day. You look super cute with them, and I think they’re well worth the maintenance!


  3. I have had bangs on and off through the years, with long hair, shoulder length, with a bob and then, I cut my hair in a pixie 2 years ago, which was rather extreme! But, now I am growing it back out into a bob, and have cut in bangs again. I like them as they are “softening” 🙂
    Good luck with growing yours out- it does seem to take forever doesn’t it? Also, beautiful photos, as always!
    The Artyologist


    1. You’re a hair chameleon! I think I’ve only ever seen you with bangs and the pixie that you’re now growing out, but I bet you rock each and every ‘do!

      So far I’m kind of in a panic about my own bangs situation. Last night I seriously debated asking my mom (she’s a hairdresser) to trim them again, but I’m going to stick to growing them out.


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