Outfit: Never Been Better





dsc_0288When I was in third grade, my teacher assigned us a journal prompt: “Something I can get better at.”  I was a very bright student and ahead of my class, so I wrote out this smug entry about how I was already doing very well, thank you very much, so I didn’t need to improve on anything.

(I know.  I was kind of an idiot when I was nine.)

Well, my teacher didn’t agree, and she wrote me a response that I’ll never forget.  She told me–not unkindly–that there was always something for me to work on.  I’m not perfect, but I would always have the capacity to grow and improve.  She told me to keep moving forward, always.

That stuck with me, almost twenty years later.

Whenever I’m feeling complacent, I remember what she said.  What’s the point of just getting comfortable with life?  Where’s the fun in that?  Where’s the life in that?

Always explore.  Always learn.  Always grow.

Top: thrifted

Skirt: c/o thredUP

Shoes: old, ModCloth

Bag: old, ModCloth

Belt: vintage

Ring: Foursided

Necklace: The Pendant Emporium


4 thoughts on “Outfit: Never Been Better

  1. Wise words, then and now! I wish your teacher could see this post, so she could see how big of an impact her words made on you.

    These photos are so stunning, too — I am getting over-the-top excited for our shoot next month!


    1. I tried looking for her on the interwebs so I could tell her, but I couldn’t find a trace of her!

      And that photo shoot is going to be so much fun!! And then we’ve got to do one with Mariam!


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