Outfit: Wasting All My Time


These days, I’m dipping my toes in the dating pool again.  Now that it’s been a few months since The Breakup, I’m feeling like I’m ready to move on.  I reactivated my dating profiles and have been swiping left and right.  (Mostly left.)  I’ve even ventured out onto a couple of dates.

But you know what?



I think I’d rather be single right now.

First of all, I’d forgotten how downright boring it is to go out on a first date.  “So what do you do?” “Where did you go to school?” “Do you have any siblings?”  I simply could not care less.  And while I’ve been on some amazing first dates, those are usually few and far between.  The prospect of wading through the muck of OkCupid is seriously daunting.

Second, I love getting to do whatever I want, whenever I want.  Photo shoots at 5:30 a.m.?  No problem!  Canceling plans to watch t.v.?  Fine by me!  It’s so liberating to not worry about what someone else wants to do all the time.  I can just focus on me (and Mox, of course).

Besides, I’ve noticed that since the breakup, my blog has been doing waaaay better than it ever has.  Not only do I have more time to work on my photos, but I also have time to spare to focus on everything else.  When my ex and I first broke up, I was so worried my blog would fail because he was my main motivator…but that’s not true at all.  I am.

So for now, I’m just taking the whole dating thing at an easy pace.  Maybe some handsome guy will sweep me off my feet.  Maybe not.  Either way, I’m good.

By the way, this dress came from thredUP!  I’d been looking for a cute velvet number for fall and winter, and this one seemed to call out to me like magic.  If you want to try it out, mosey on over to their website and use the promo code FOREVER50 to get 50% off your first order on Forever 21 stuff!


8 thoughts on “Outfit: Wasting All My Time

  1. Yesss to all of this!! I’ve been trying out the whole “dating” thing recently and to be honest – it’s really hard as a queer person in the south to find anyone of substance online!!! So, slightly different situation but I definitely understand the struggle. Online dating is the worst and so are first dates.
    Plus, I really like being single. More time to blog!

    And oh my goodness – your outfit!!! You’ve got me dreaming of fall BIG TIME here! I have so many velvet things that I can’t wait to wear again.

    Lee – leethrifts.com


    1. Being single is really where it’s at. Knowing what I do about relationships now, I am more than content to be on my own.

      And thank you! I’m excited to see all your velvet stuff appear!


    1. Sure. When we were dating, my ex was always so enthusiastic about my blog. He read every post, and he would spend so much time going over different strategies I could use to make it grow. He was genuinely excited for me, and his encouragement was so valuable in keeping me going when I wanted to give up. But now that we’re not together anymore, I’ve found that I can keep myself going, and even do better than I did before.


    1. Haha! It feels good to be single now, but I’m sure one day I’m going to want some new guy to sweep me off my feet 😛

      And I’m starting to fall in love with velvet too! Velvet flats sound divine!


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