Outfit: Dog Days

dress with dalmatian dog printI know.  Real original title, huh?  As cheesy as it is, I just can’t help myself when it comes to a dress like this one!  I spied it in one of my favorite vintage Etsy shops and snapped it up the moment it went up for sale.  There’s really no resisting those bright red fire trucks and spotted dalmatians, is there?


I’m a dog person, and there’s no getting away from that.  I’m not knocking other kinds of pets, but all my life, I’ve had special bonds with my canine friends.  Let me tell you a little bit about one of them:

Twenty years ago, during the dog days of summer, my family adopted a gray mop of a dog named Mo.  He had originally belonged to our neighbors, but when they could no longer take care of him, they asked if we’d like to take him.  Mo was already hugely popular in the neighborhood amongst us kids, so it was like Christmas came early when I found out he was going to be ours.

Mo quickly made himself at home.  Always gentle and quiet, he managed to make everyone fall in love with him, even my mom.  When we first got him, she told us she’d never love a dog like him, but within a few weeks, he was her best friend.

There were few things he liked more than a dog treat and a visit from his grandma, except maybe a nice long walk and a little bit of quiet begging under the table for scraps.  Invariably shaggy, he was just made for snuggling.

He passed away five years ago, and we all still miss him as much as ever.  I still have a picture of him framed next to my bed!  Here he is on his 16th birthday–what a ham!135307_481012464719_3184418_o.jpg

Growing up, did you have a special pet?  Let me know in the comments!

Hat: French Connection (out of stock)

Dress: Capsule Vintage

Shoes: old, ModCloth


16 thoughts on “Outfit: Dog Days

  1. I love the print on the dress- it’s so cute- and it looks perfect paired with that hat! Our family has a dog, Sukie, and while I am not a “dog person”, and don’t ever see myself getting a dog of my own, I do like her, and I know I’ll miss her when she’s gone.
    The Artyologist


    1. Thank you! I got really lucky with this dress. I bet Sukie’s a real sweetheart! Since you’re not a dog person, do you think you’ll get a different kind of pet one day?


  2. That dress is AMAZING.
    I am definitely a dog person. I am seriously just dying to get a dog but I think I need to wait for a while. We used to have a little miniature poodle named Pierre! He was the best.

    Lee – leethrifts.com


    1. Thank you! And I bet Pierre was so cute–I love poodles! I know how you feel about really wanting a dog. I was in the same place a couple of years ago and ended up getting Moxie kind of on a whim. I think you’re right to wait a while until you’re definitely ready for one. Do you know what kind you want?


    1. Thank you! I couldn’t believe my luck when I ended up with that dress–I’m almost always too late to get something from Capsule Vintage. And I hope you can get a dog one day soon! Do you know what kind you’d like to get?


  3. Such an immensely sweet, lovely novelty print frock – and a beautiful setting to capture it in too, may I add. Thank you for sharing the touching memories of Mo with us.

    xoxo (from a fellow dog lover) ♥ Jessica


  4. Oh my gosh, the print on this dress! So darling! And oh yes, I can relate to your pet story. I recently wrote about my experience on my blog with my cat, Lily, and how she changed my life. We said goodbye to her 2 years ago and I still think about it, as I am sure you do about Mo! It’s something only pet owners understand. Such a nice post for Mo!


    1. Lily sounds like the most amazing cat–and I laughed out loud when you talked about how she’d leave trails of socks if you didn’t put away your laundry!

      I really loved reading about the bond you had with her, and I’m sorry you had to say goodbye. Even though it was two years ago, I know that the love you have for a pet never goes away.


  5. Awww, Mo!!! He was just adorable. I’m glad your mom came around and fell in love with him!

    I have a photo of my grandparents’ dog Scruffy on my nightstand in my parent’s house <3.


  6. I know your dress is vintage, but does it have the maker? I know there is not a chance I will be able to find it elsewhere, but I have to ask because my daughter is having a fire truck party and it is PERFECT! Not to mention, I love dogs too!


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