Petite Blogger Series: Lee of Lee Thrifts

children clothes 7.jpgI am so excited to feature Lee of Lee Thrifts this week in the Petite Blogger Series!  Lee’s chic outfits are what first drew me to her blog, but when you peek into it, you immediately find a fantastic variety of outfit posts, reviews, tutorials, and so much more!  Her love of fashion and zest for travel shine through, and she’s always got the best ideas for clothes and trips on a budget.  Today, she’s sharing a tip for petite bloggers that saves money and is so much fun!children clothes 4

As I’m sure any petite person out there can relate – it can be really hard to find clothes that fit and not only fit but fit well. Sure, we can get things tailored but that can get very expensive very quickly. So, I’ve found another solution that helps me save money while still looking great…

Shop in the children’s section!

With the likes of Zara and H&M coming out with children’s lines now, there is no shortage of finding chic clothing if you’re petite. So I thought I’d offer up some tips I use when shopping in the kids’ department because I’ve had some pretty good luck! (Psst, most of the pieces in these photos are from the children’s section!)

Some really awesome reasons to shop in the children’s department are:

Saving money! Clothes are normally a lot cheaper.

You don’t need to get things tailored!

You can find some pretty unique pieces.

So now some tips on finding those great children’s pieces!

children clothes 3
1. Shoes
Shoes are the hardest thing for me to find in adult sizes that fit. It can be really difficult to find shoes that are chic but still fit my feet! Looking through the children’s section can also be a hassle because every shoe you see has sparkles and/or gaudy flowers on top. But some places I’ve really had some luck when it comes to kids’ shoes: Nordstrom (pricey but my favorite!), Target, Zara, and Payless. The nice thing about shopping in the children’s department is that your shoes are significantly cheaper!
children clothes 1

2. Look for Solid Colors

Some of the prints can definitely look childish if you’re not careful. So, I like to look for clothes that are solid colored to avoid looking like I’m 10 (I mean it’s not hard to do because I am 4’9” ha).

3. Maxi Dresses/Skirts/Jumpsuits

Maxi Dresses as a petite person can be a nightmare. I mean, there are articles everywhere telling us we shouldn’t wear them because they make us look even shorter! But I’m personally a big fan. And one of the only ways I’ve been able to find jumpsuits/longer dresses that fit (that I don’t have to get hemmed) are from the kids’ department. They’re also a lot easier to fit in terms of the shape of clothing. I find pants a little harder because girls don’t have hips, you know? But most maxi skirts are stretchy and comfortable! I’ve also had my fair share of luck with jumpsuits.

4. Don’t disregard the boys’ section!
I love finding boys’ shoes at the thrift store. I’ve found some of my favorite finds that way. Boys’ shoes also run a little bigger so you might have better luck finding some dapper kids’ shoes if you have normal sized feet! I also find some cool jackets and sweaters from the boys’ department.
children clothes 2
Thanks so much to Devinne for featuring me! I’m over at if you’d like to stop by!



6 thoughts on “Petite Blogger Series: Lee of Lee Thrifts

  1. Love Lee’s blog! Great feature!
    I’ve worn children’s clothing for so long. I definitely abuse the fact that I’m small 😉 haha! And I agree about boys clothing!
    Much love,


    1. Lee is so damn cool. And I didn’t realize you were short! If you have time, would you like to write for the Petite Blogger Series?


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