Get to Know Me!


My “About Me” page is in need of a serious update, but instead of doing that, I’d rather write up a fun post about some random Devinne tidbits!  The magnificent Madison of Minnie Muse (say that five times fast) tagged me to put together a list of things you might not know about me, so read on!

Four places I have lived:

1. I was born in Melrose Park, which is a total mob town.  Seriously, just google “Melrose Park and the mob” and you’ll get it.
2. When I was ten, I moved to Villa Park, which is a sweet, sleepy little town and probably the complete opposite of the Mel’.
3. In college, I lived for two years in Rogers Park, Chicago.  Not a morning goes by that I don’t miss my incredible view of the sun rising over Lake Michigan!
4. I now live in Oak Park, which is a cutesy village next to Chicago, but I’ll be on the move next year!DSC_1065

Four places I have visited:

Until this spring, I had never been on a plane before, so this list is really just getting started!
1. Wisconsin Dells.  Every single year from the time I was a baby until just before I moved out of my parents’ house.  I can tell you everything about it, from all the good attractions to all the tourist traps.
2. Detroit.  I went there to see a friend who was doing Teach for America at the time, and I really liked it!
3. Saugatuck.  It’s so artsy and cute.
4. Sarasota.  This is where I went on my first plane ride ever!  My ex-boyfriend’s family has a condo down there, so we spent a few days at the beach with friends.

Four TV shows I watch:

1. Game of Thrones.  In fact, I like the show so much that I finally started reading the books.
2. The Walking Dead.  Is it mostly because I have a GIANT crush on Steven Yeun?  Maybe.
3. Parks and Rec.  Leslie Knope is my spirit animal.
4. I don’t think I have a fourth!  I don’t own a t.v., so I get most of my entertainment from books.

Four of my favorite foods:

1. Hot Fries.  Do you know what those are?  I’ve been practically addicted to them since I was three.
2. Reese’s Puffs.  My favorite dinner!
3. Pizza from the Grand Stand.  All other pizza is flaming trash.
4. Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s.  Apparently they now also make an ice cream with it, so that might actually become my new favorite food.


Four things I like to drink:

1. Coffee.  For the longest time, I only drank it black, but lately I’ve been adding a little sugar.  I blame my ex, who added about five sugar packets to every cup.
2. Sparkling water.  Gimme that good, good LaCroix.
3. Chai tea.  Nothing warms my soul better than a great cup of it!
4. Manhattans.  Because I’m a classy old man.

Four pet peeves:

1. Cyclists on sidewalks.  There are signs ALL OVER TOWN telling people not to ride bikes on the sidewalk, yet they do anyway.
2. Not having enough me-time.  It’s really important for me to recharge every once in a while, and I get exhausted if I’m around people for too long.
3. When stores don’t carry petite sizes.  I’m looking at you, Anthropologie.
4. Moxie taking up my whole bed.  Now that’s really a pet peeve!

Four wacky or odd things about me:

1. I spent three years wearing only red, white, and black because I was such a huge White Stripes fan.
2. One of my ears is kind of deformed.  Try not to notice it.
3. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 21.
4. Back in the day, I was a copywriter for an antiques store.  I got to do tons of research on all kinds of weird and random stuff and then write it up for our website.  I’ve seen it all, from sterling silver corn cob picks to portraits of dead people.
And now I’m turning things over to these ladies!
Nicole of The Artyologist
Noelle of The Classy Junk

12 thoughts on “Get to Know Me!

    1. Thank YOU for tagging me! This was a lot of fun. 🙂 If you find yourself at TJ’s anytime soon, pick up a pint or two of that ice cream!


  1. I love this post! It’s so weird to me when I hear people talking about visiting Wisconsin Dells, which is right next to where I live, and where I go all the time – it’s just a part of home to me, but a tourist attraction to others! You’ve been there every year?! I’m almost surprised I’ve never run into you! 🙂


    1. Haha I can imagine what that’s like for you! I had a solid 23-year streak going, but I haven’t gone since I moved out on my own. I wonder if I’ve ever bumped into you on the streets?!


  2. I always liked you, but now I like you even more! You’re fantastically quirky and lovely ❤
    Hope you're having a great day!
    Much love,


  3. I love Chicago! Not only do I enjoy the views over lake Michigan, but how about the view of the skyline from the water? Just, incredible! My husband is from Chicago and we visit often! Perhaps a blogger coffee date, sometime!


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