Petite Blogger Spotlight: In A Nutshell

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I am thrilled to feature Sara of In a Nutshell today for the Petite Blogger Series!  There are few who can hold a candle to her drool-worthy collection of dresses, and I could spend forever just flipping through her outfit pics.  Apart from her fabulous sense of style, Sara is also a very talented portrait photographer, an avid reader with tons of great book suggestions, and a kitchen wizard (try her glazed donut ice cream this weekend!)  Today, she’s sharing her thoughts on size and fit for some of the most popular retro-style brands.  Take notes–I sure did!

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I have always loved being petite!  5’2” is like my lucky number (though at my most recent physical, the nurse said I was 5’3” and I nearly laughed in her face – no way did I grow an inch. I am a 28 year old woman!) and I rather enjoy feeling small among the rest (although not being able to reach things on the top shelves of the cabinet gets rather old when I’m doing dishes…).

While I’ve never had much of a problem with clothes fitting me growing up (I have never been a skinny girl but was always pretty proportionate to my height, which always helped with shopping), I struggle with it more now. I have a short torso and long legs. I mean, not that long if I barely make it over the 5 foot mark, but you know what I mean. I am not flat chested these days (thanks 20lb weight gain in recent years!) but certainly my bust isn’t what stereotypically matches my other measurements.Photo 10

So with my short torso and short stature, some brands just don’t fit me right. There is seriously nothing more disappointing than finding a REALLY cute dress online, buying it, putting it on, and seeing that dreaded 1-2 inch gap on the shoulders or in the bust or the misaligned waist seam due to your short stature. It’s happened so often to me – sometimes I can get away with it by belting the waist nicely and just making due with a baggy bust area, but other times it’s just a waste of time and money.

Pinup Girl Clothing is sadly one of those brands for me. The waists on their dresses fall too low on me so I either have a ton of room in the shoulders if I wear the waist where it’s supposed to be or I pull the shoulders down to get rid of the extra space and then the waist falls too low. They also are quite long, no? I have had to hem all but 1 of my Pinup Girl Clothing purchase just so I don’t look overwhelmed. Makes me look less “sassy pinup” and more “mommy, can I try on your clothes?” Not a good look!

Sadly, I don’t buy from PUG much at all because of it despite how beautiful the clothing is. I am certainly not going to spend that kind of cash when the fit isn’t close to being right on my body.Photo 1

But have no fear, better brands are out there! Instead of focusing on the brands that don’t work, I try to return to the brands that do and simply admire the other brands on other gals! While I always see conflicting opinions, LindyBop’s styles fit me REALLY well. I see a lot of girls who feel their sizing is off but I’ve never had an issue and whenever I’ve gone by their size charts, I’ve had success.  Their prices are also lower than some brands and their shipping is fast for them being in the UK (I am in the US) so I tend to order from them much more than others.Photo 4

I also fit really well in Bernie Dexter. If her price tag were lower, my gosh, I’d own every single one! Bernie herself is pretty petite (I think she might be the same height or one inch taller, if I recall correctly) so it makes sense that her dresses flatter a petite gal very well.

Still, even though I have challenges with some brands, I never get frustrated or think it’d be better if I were taller. Sure, if I gain 5 pounds it shows IMMEDIATELY (oh does it!) and my size 9 feet look ginormous on a shortie like me (like seriously, how does a 5’2” girl end up with size 9 feet?), but I will never get tired of hearing my 6’ tall boyfriend tell me how “little” I am (his word, not mine!) or how he wants to put me in his pocket.

I mean, it gets a LITTLE old when I am trying to make a point and I try to be serious and he just laughs at my anger and calls it cute, but…

Okay, okay, I’ve gotten a bit off track. Back to the clothes!

Bottom line is – don’t feel bad if some brands just don’t suit you. Sure, PUG isn’t the best for me (now that I think of it, neither is Collectif) and I get a little envious of other blogger goddesses twirling about in the latest Mary Blair collection, but I make it work by hemming where I can and it’s no big deal because there are so many different vintage repro brands that do flatter my petite size.Photo 7

If you struggle with some brands mentioned or you’re curious about checking into some brands that have worked for me, here are some links to their websites: (or (their new ModCloth label fits me really well!)



5 thoughts on “Petite Blogger Spotlight: In A Nutshell

  1. I adore Sara, and love this feature on petite fashion! Although I’m not petite myself (5’5″), I have a short torso and frequently encounter some of the issues she has.

    These photos are beautiful, and I’m not only jealous of her dress collection….the shoes too! 🙂


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