Petite Blogger Spotlight: Petite Fashion Monster

This week, I’m shining the spotlight on Avi of Petite Fashion Monster!  I recently found her blog on Instagram, and I’ve been crazy about it ever since.  Avi is a graphic designer with five years of blogging under her belt, and all that experience shows–her outfits are dreamy and fresh, and she includes a fabulous variety of other posts, from book reviews to blogger tips.  Originally from Mexico, her posts are often written in both English and Spanish!  

Today, Avi is sharing a roundup of her top five favorite petite bloggers.  I loved reading her list and finding a few new bloggers to follow, and I hope you will too!

As a fashion blogger, I love to follow other bloggers and get inspired by them. That’s the wonderful thing about reading blogs! My favorite bloggers are petite girls. I can relate to them so easily, and I like learning about new petite brands or their new opinions on clothing. Here are my top 5 petite bloggers that you need to know and follow through all their social media. Say hello to these beautiful petite bloggers!

Avi 11. Cathy from Poor Little It Girl: She is the sweetest. Love her colorful and girly style.  Not only does she run this blog–she is the co-founder of Blog Societies and shares her blogging tips on her blog. She is very honest on her blog posts. She is like your best friend. She is my number one petite blogger. 

avi 22. Jessica from JPetite: She is a fellow Arizona petite blogger.  I know Jessica personally. She is this little fitness tornado. Right now, she is into photography. You can look at my blog for some of the outfit photos she took of me. She is also a former Pure Barre teacher and really motivates me to go on. Her style is more boho than mine but I love it. 

avi 33. Jane from Extrapetite: I found Jane her years ago thanks to Bloglovin’, and since then I’ve not stopped following her. She is really petite–she wears a shoe size 5 and has a 28 inch inseam! You can read how she makes alterations to her professional wardrobe. Her blog features mainly professional and office outfits, but still you will find some girly and fun outfits. Jane is your #GIRLBOSS to follow. 

avi 44. Esmirna from Platforms for Breakfast:  She is a petite blogger from San Diego. Her looks are insane and amazing. She has a unique style, and you are always going to see her with her high heels. Esmirna shares her blog with her husband Alex, also a fashion blogger, and together they are a powerful couple. 

avi 55. Dulce from She Petite. Obviously I will have a Mexican in my top 5. We Mexican girls are petite by nature. That’s why I love to follow Dulce and her outfits. She is a girl who I can relate to the most. She is a social media manager. Love how real is. She is a girl you need to follow on Instagram. 

I hope you like my top 5 petite bloggers. If I’m missing one, let me know. I’m always looking forward to discovering more petite girls.

It’s Devinne again–if you’re a petite blogger and would like to write a guest post for this series, send me an email at to get started! 

*all photos belong to their respective owners