Outfit: This Must Be the Place


DSC_0343I’ve been trying to visit as many parks and preserves in DuPage County, Illinois as I possibly can.  Hell, it’s the Prairie State!  We’ve got wildlife and flora and fauna a-plenty over here, and I intend to see all of it…or at least more of it than the average person.  That’s why I wanted to bring my camera over to the Army Trail Nature Center in Addison.  It seemed promising…



I mean, there are lots of nice trees and tall reeds and cattails.  But the thing that really struck me about this place was how quiet it was.  And not the good kind of quiet.  The more sinister, am-I-really-alone kind of quiet.  I was expecting there to be cyclists and runners up and down the path–it was the perfect time of day to be outside–but there was no one around.  I tried to keep a smile on my face for these pictures, but actually, I was kind of creeped out.


Something about this place gave me the heebie-jeebies, and I know that next time, I probably shouldn’t ignore that kind of feeling.  Sure, I got some cute pictures out of it, but I don’t think they were worth it.  Peace of mind and feeling safe are key.  Let me file that under Lessons I’ve Learned from Blogging.

Necklace: old, ModCloth

Top: old, ModCloth

Shorts: ModCloth (made in the USA!)

Shoes: old, Urban Outfitters