Outfit: Acting Petty

DSC_2213.jpgI could say that the title of this post is a reference to the petticoat I’m wearing in these pictures, but I’d be lying. DSC_2238


The truth is that I had a hell of a time taking these pictures and ended up in a little spat with a bicyclist who almost knocked over me and my equipment.  I don’t want to get into it, but while it was definitely frustrating, I need to remind myself that this kind of situation is part of the job description for a photographer.  People are always going to be in the way.  Now that it’s summer, more and more people are going to be using the parks and preserves I love to shoot in.  They’re going to ruin great shots and get in the way, but I need to get over it.  I’m no more important than they are, not even if I think I’m some artiste.

Anyway, the worst part is that I really let that situation get to me, and I ended up going home before I really even got started snapping.  At least I think I learned a little from it, and hopefully next time I won’t be that angry short person yelling at bikers in a dress, heels, and petticoat.

Necklace: old, Stitch Fix

Dress: vintage

Shoes: old, ModCloth