Outfit: Your Head’s Too Small


As a woman of very petite proportions, some things just don’t fit me the right way.  Sunglasses take up much of the real estate on my face, gloves are always half a finger too big, and hats, well, let’s just say I could get lost in a majority of them.  When I saw that this adorable boater hat came in multiple sizes, though, I thought I’d give the smallest one a chance.  After all, I’ve been seeing so many bloggers wearing them, and I love the way they give any outfit that whiff of summer.  The very tiniest size just had to fit me, right?




When I first put it on, I thought there was some hope.  Sure, the brim was a little wide, and I had to tuck all my hair into the crown to make keep it from slipping, but it could work.  I figured I’d take it out for these pictures, and that’s when I realized it really was too big for my child-size head.  That’s why I’m merely holding the hat in a lot of these shots.

Still, I’m stubborn, and as soon as I got home, I was determined to fix it up the best I could for my little head.  I took out a pair of scissors and snipped off about an inch or so of the brim, and now I think it looks better on me.  Hopefully soon, I’ll be brave enough to wear it again for a shoot!

Hat: French Connection

Top: thrifted

Shorts: old, H&M

Shoes: thrifted


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