Closet Raid: Paper Mothball Vintage

Laura 4.jpgWhenever I start feeling cocky about the quality of my pictures, I just have to take one glance at Laura Okita’s work to be humbled instantly.  She takes the types of self-portraits that capture more than just her looks or her clothes–they tell stories, they’re cinematic, they draw you in.  Her photos have a distinctively vintage feel, and the styling and composition are always spot-on.

She began as a model, and after some ten years, she switched over to the other side of the camera and began a career as a self-portrait artist.  Laura now works with other models and fashion publications, and she hasn’t stopped at just photography; she often contributes to hair, makeup, styling, and direction.  Seriously, this lady is my hero.  Let’s drool over some of her incredible self-portraits now, all right?  And if you can’t get enough here, check out her blog, Paper Mothball Vintage.

Laura 3Laura 5Laura 6