What’s in My June Ipsy Bag?


This post almost didn’t happen, mostly out of laziness.  See, my mailbox is down two flights of stairs and requires a key, and I simply can’t be bothered with checking my mail all that often.  As a result, I didn’t open up this Ipsy bag until last week, and I wasn’t sure if I’d even have the time to review it.  However, I got some pretty great things in it, and I wanted to share them with you!  So…HERE WE GO!

BioRepublic SkinCare  Fiber Mask Set

I got a pair of masks–Cucumber Breeze and Pomegranate Crush.  All you do is unfold them and stick ’em on your face, and after 20 minutes, you can peel them off and rub the excess lotion into your skin.

Let me be frank: I’m not really a mask person, so these didn’t really do it for me.  My skin didn’t feel any different after I had used them.  Still, it was nice to just sit down and relax with them on my face for a while, especially with the terrible summer heat upon us.


Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush

Oh.  Oh, oh.  This blush is a brand-new favorite.  When I first opened it and saw how dark the color was, I didn’t think there was any way it was going to look right on my pasty pink skin, but I WAS SO WRONG!  I get so many compliments when I wear it, which is crazy for me because no one ever compliments my makeup.  All I do is sweep it into the hollows of my cheeks and enjoy the rest of my day.  Happy Hibiscus, indeed!


Royal and Langnickel MODA Crease/Smudge Brush

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Fireball

The brush is nice–it’s double-tipped and pretty versatile, and it’s definitely better quality than most of the ones I already have.

As for the eye shadow, well, it’s not what I’m normally into.  It’s hot pink and very shimmery, while I prefer browns and paler pinks.  I will say that it LASTS all day (even without a primer!) and goes on very smoothly.  It also builds well–but it took me several applications before my boyfriend even noticed!


Doucce Boombastic Lash Volumizer Mascara

Yaaaaaaas this mascara is awesome!  Maybe not as good as the one I got in last month’s bag (see here), but still pretty great!  I’ve never used a mascara that’s so good at separating my lashes.  The only problem I had with it is that it didn’t volumize my lashes as much as I’d hoped.


Petite Blogger Spotlight: Petite Fashion Monster

This week, I’m shining the spotlight on Avi of Petite Fashion Monster!  I recently found her blog on Instagram, and I’ve been crazy about it ever since.  Avi is a graphic designer with five years of blogging under her belt, and all that experience shows–her outfits are dreamy and fresh, and she includes a fabulous variety of other posts, from book reviews to blogger tips.  Originally from Mexico, her posts are often written in both English and Spanish!  

Today, Avi is sharing a roundup of her top five favorite petite bloggers.  I loved reading her list and finding a few new bloggers to follow, and I hope you will too!

As a fashion blogger, I love to follow other bloggers and get inspired by them. That’s the wonderful thing about reading blogs! My favorite bloggers are petite girls. I can relate to them so easily, and I like learning about new petite brands or their new opinions on clothing. Here are my top 5 petite bloggers that you need to know and follow through all their social media. Say hello to these beautiful petite bloggers!

Avi 11. Cathy from Poor Little It Girl: She is the sweetest. Love her colorful and girly style.  Not only does she run this blog–she is the co-founder of Blog Societies and shares her blogging tips on her blog. She is very honest on her blog posts. She is like your best friend. She is my number one petite blogger. 

avi 22. Jessica from JPetite: She is a fellow Arizona petite blogger.  I know Jessica personally. She is this little fitness tornado. Right now, she is into photography. You can look at my blog for some of the outfit photos she took of me. She is also a former Pure Barre teacher and really motivates me to go on. Her style is more boho than mine but I love it. 

avi 33. Jane from Extrapetite: I found Jane her years ago thanks to Bloglovin’, and since then I’ve not stopped following her. She is really petite–she wears a shoe size 5 and has a 28 inch inseam! You can read how she makes alterations to her professional wardrobe. Her blog features mainly professional and office outfits, but still you will find some girly and fun outfits. Jane is your #GIRLBOSS to follow. 

avi 44. Esmirna from Platforms for Breakfast:  She is a petite blogger from San Diego. Her looks are insane and amazing. She has a unique style, and you are always going to see her with her high heels. Esmirna shares her blog with her husband Alex, also a fashion blogger, and together they are a powerful couple. 

avi 55. Dulce from She Petite. Obviously I will have a Mexican in my top 5. We Mexican girls are petite by nature. That’s why I love to follow Dulce and her outfits. She is a girl who I can relate to the most. She is a social media manager. Love how real is. She is a girl you need to follow on Instagram. 

I hope you like my top 5 petite bloggers. If I’m missing one, let me know. I’m always looking forward to discovering more petite girls.

It’s Devinne again–if you’re a petite blogger and would like to write a guest post for this series, send me an email at moxandsocks@gmail.com to get started! 

*all photos belong to their respective owners

Outfit: This Must Be the Place


DSC_0343I’ve been trying to visit as many parks and preserves in DuPage County, Illinois as I possibly can.  Hell, it’s the Prairie State!  We’ve got wildlife and flora and fauna a-plenty over here, and I intend to see all of it…or at least more of it than the average person.  That’s why I wanted to bring my camera over to the Army Trail Nature Center in Addison.  It seemed promising…



I mean, there are lots of nice trees and tall reeds and cattails.  But the thing that really struck me about this place was how quiet it was.  And not the good kind of quiet.  The more sinister, am-I-really-alone kind of quiet.  I was expecting there to be cyclists and runners up and down the path–it was the perfect time of day to be outside–but there was no one around.  I tried to keep a smile on my face for these pictures, but actually, I was kind of creeped out.


Something about this place gave me the heebie-jeebies, and I know that next time, I probably shouldn’t ignore that kind of feeling.  Sure, I got some cute pictures out of it, but I don’t think they were worth it.  Peace of mind and feeling safe are key.  Let me file that under Lessons I’ve Learned from Blogging.

Necklace: old, ModCloth

Top: old, ModCloth

Shorts: ModCloth (made in the USA!)

Shoes: old, Urban Outfitters

Outfit: Say It with Flowers


Just try and guess where the title of this post came from!




After a lazy afternoon spent wandering the farmer’s market in Madison with my boyfriend, I decided to try and shoot that night.  It was Saturday, which is usually the worst day for pictures–it’s the most popular night for weddings, so you can bet that all my favorite spots were in use.  But I had plenty of time on my hands to explore someplace a little unconventional, and I remembered a cool wall in the town where I used to live.  I shot there once before, but it was before I really knew how to work my camera, so I wanted to try it out again.

Well, unlike last time, when the big Say It with Flowers wall loomed over nothing but an empty lot, this time there was a riot of color!  The flower shop on the other side of the wall had left out all of its flowers, so I spent a good hour snapping here and there among all the blooms and colors.  I’m surprised there were so many pots of flowers out–maybe it’s that small-town mentality that people won’t just up and steal your stuff?

In any case, I’m happy with my luck.  I’ve been wearing a lot of black and white lately, so it’s been great to have some pretty backgrounds to set off my outfits.  I have one more outfit idea with the B&W theme, and after that, I think I’ll be ready to blend in with a setting like this!

Necklace: old, Forever 21

Dress: old, ModCloth

Shoes: old, Seychelles



Teach Me: French Buns for Wet Hair


You may or may not be aware of this, but I am one of the Laziest Bloggers on Earth.  If I can take some kind of shortcut with my hair or makeup, you can bet I’ll be all over it.  That’s why I love this hairstyle!  It’s quick, easy, and you can do it straight out of the shower.  Here’s how:

Starting with wet hair, comb back the top and twist, twist, twist!  You’ll want to twist until your hair starts to double back on itself.


Roll the strand into a bun and secure with a bobby pin.


Take two pieces of hair from each side of your head and do the same thing–twist them into a small bun and secure below the first one.


Then do it once more to get all your hair into teeny buns.

And that’s it!  Once you get the motions down, experiment with the number of buns or the placement–have fun!  If you try this out, be sure to let me know!


Petite Blogger Spotlight: Thoroughly Modern Emily

As a short lady myself, I’m always on the lookout for inspiration from other petite bloggers.  I’ve decided to launch a series of guest posts from some of my favorite pint-sized peers, with each of them tackling an aspect of getting dressed when you’re vertically challenged.  First up is one of my closest blogger buds, Emily from Thoroughly Modern Emily.  Her clothing style is both so classic and so fun, and her writing style is such a treat to read!  Here’s what she has to say about her style evolution:

Hi! I’m Emily from Thoroughly Modern Emily, and it’s my great pleasure to write for one of my favorite blogs (and bloggers!) today! I’ve enjoyed reading this blog for so long, and am continually in awe of Devinne’s photography skills and the thoughtfulness with which she writes about an enormous range of topics. Photo #1.JPG

Here’s my lightning-round introduction: I’m a recent-ish Chicago transplant who spent most of her twenties in grad school for political science. I’m also the world’s biggest Star Wars fan, a voracious reader, a space-race and Cold War nerd, and a huge fan of full skirts. Photo #2.jpg

This photo combines two of my favorite things: stripes and an actual Apollo capsule!

I’m also a total motormouth and Abuser of Exclamation Points, but I’ll try to keep that under control. Today, I’m excited to share some of my thoughts about dressing/living in the world as a petite woman with all of you.

As a political theorist by training who specialized in political ethics, I spend far too much time thinking about the ethical implications of quotidian actions. (Wow, even bringing up my academic alter-ego has me dropping the $20 words like they’re going out of style!). As a style blogger and unrepentant clotheshorse, I also spend tons of time thinking about what I’m wearing and what I’d like to be wearing. Naturally, these two trains of thought overlap from time to time. I’ve written about my desire to be a more ethical shopaholic on my own blog, and have been trying to walk the walk and live by the principles I set out there.

One thing I’ve always been hyper-aware of is the assumptions others make about me based on what I’m wearing. Sadly, as a petite woman who has looked quite a bit younger than her actual age for her entire life, I’m used to being underestimated. As a teaching assistant and later a professor, I’d generally get one or two audible, incredulous “that’s the TA/professor?!?” outbursts a year on the first day of class. It was as if they couldn’t believe someone who looked like me could possibly be qualified to teach an undergraduate political science course.

So, when I was 23 or so, I started to dress more and more formally in an attempt to put a stop to those comments. I’d wear heels when handing back graded papers, and rather severe dresses from J. Crew and Banana Republic whenever I went to campus. It wasn’t especially effective, even as I approached my 30th birthday.Photo #3.jpg

This was my ‘first day of school’ outfit in September 2014, and a handful of students were still surprised that I was the professor. Um, how many college kids wear dry-clean-only dresses?!?Photo #4.jpg

This dress was a starting player in my teaching-wardrobe lineup. I’m wearing my hair up here, even though I hate it, because long hair is ‘not professional.’

Recently, I’ve begun to really resent the fact that young (and especially, petite) women have to dress extra formally in order to be taken seriously. It’s been shown that people are more likely to give men the benefit of the doubt than women, and will rate men as more competent than women even when all else is held equal. I’m really tired of bending over backward to demonstrate my competence to people who see my gender, age, and height and draw erroneous conclusions. As I’ve felt more comfortable in my new job, I’ve allowed myself to give in to my indignation and dress more authentically. And it feels great.Photo #5.jpg

I started off by letting my hair down (literally)…Photo #6.jpg

…Then introduced bright red and a subtle novelty print…Photo #7.jpg

…and a bright-red lip…Photo #8.JPG

…until I finally felt like myself!

I wish I could leave it at that, but I know that people will still make assumptions about my abilities simply because I’m a young-looking, diminutive woman who smiles a lot. All I can do is keep on being as awesome as I can, and work toward disrupting assumptions about what competence, strength, and intelligence looks like.

It’s been an honor to write for you all! Hope to see you on Instagram (I’m @emily.hallock), Facebook, Twitter, or over on my blog!

It’s Devinne again–if you’re a petite blogger and would like to write a guest post for this series, send me an email at moxandsocks@gmail.com to get started! 

Outfit: Bringing It All Back Home

DSC_0070This is an outfit I wore once while I was in Sarasota, and since I’m missing Florida so much, I wanted to at least wear something that reminded me of the good times I had down there.  Things in Illinois have been a little stressful lately, and it’s really got me wishing for some extra downtime.



Not that there haven’t been fun things to do here at home.  Taking Moxie for a walk has never been such a treat–everything is green, green, green and the air is perfumed with all kinds of wonderful scents.  And there have been so many get-togethers with friends and family, from weddings to movie nights.

Really, I think I’m just missing those old summer vacations, even though I’ve been working through the summer for about a decade.  I miss not having responsibilities and being able to eat as much ice cream as I want without consequences.  I want to spend my days in swimsuits and my nights at parties.  I want to spend hours drinking in books.  I want to ride my bike until my legs hurt.  I don’t want to worry about getting enough sleep before work, and I certainly don’t want to spend eight hours at my desk every day.

I want to be a kid again.