Outfit: Counting Sheep


Well, guys, I’m having another blogger existential crisis.  As a lot of you have noticed, Instagram has been having some pretty bad problems with tagging.  It seems like every time I post a photo and tag it, my picture won’t show up in its tag.  It might for a few minutes, but then it drops out.  And sometimes it reappears, sometimes it doesn’t.  One blogger told me she all but stopped posting because her tags haven’t been working in months and she couldn’t get the exposure she wanted.



And that’s what really pisses me off.  I work my ass off taking my own pictures, editing them, writing posts, and promoting them on Instagram, and it’s so irritating that this problem hasn’t been addressed.  For the most part, I blog because I enjoy it, but I also want to see this blog succeed.  Maybe it’s a just a dream, but one day, I want to quit my job and do this full time.  But how am I going to do that if my best social media tool is failing me?

Perhaps the cardinal rule of investment applies here, too: diversify.  You guys can see that I really suck at other social media outlets, so maybe I should work harder at promoting Mox and Socks through those channels and see where that takes me.  I’m not sure how much I should keep relying on IG.  Hell, we all know they’re going to switch to that out-of-order timeline soon, anyway, which is poison to bloggers and merchants.

So for this post, I’m turning my comments on.  How do you feel about IG’s problems?  Are you changing the way you promote your blog because of it?

Necklace: old, Stitch Fix

Top: thrifted

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: old, ModCloth

Sunglasses: old, ModCloth


5 thoughts on “Outfit: Counting Sheep

  1. I really couldn’t care less about my tags not showing up. My followers will see my posts on IG and then read my new blog post (if they want to) – and ultimately I blog for me and the readers I already have. So really it doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve had problems with the tags for months myself, but I have not let that stop me. I get joy from blogging whether I have 1 reader or 100 or 1000.
    Much love,


  2. I’ve noticed that this typically happens if I post more than once a day but the hashtags usually eventually start working and my crowd is still seeing my photos in their newsfeed. IG is also my largest platform but I agree branching out is a great idea. Use at least two platforms consistently. Don’t give up!😊


  3. I definitely understand the struggle you’re having! I never really realized my photos weren’t showing up on the tags but I’ve been noticing less and less engagement for a while now. But I’ve also never really seen significant growth on instagram either. I’m finding twitter a much better platform surprisingly!

    I’d also love to quit my job and blog full time but it can be so hard to imagine when your blog growth/engagement is so slow (at least mine is!). It’s a weird feeling – wanting your blog to be successful while also doing it just because you love it. I work on it like it’s a second job but it can be disheartening….

    Lee – leethrifts.com


  4. Instagram has actually already changed the timeline…but I only noticed because I actually looked for it!
    Lee is actually right: I hardly ever get views from Instagram posts, but ALWAYS get about 10-15% of views from Twitter, and I have a small following on there. All I do is tweet the link with a small, catchy sentence to explain what it’s about and I’m guaranteed views. I’m not a huge Twitter fan, but it’s invaluable to my blog!


  5. I haven’t had problems with tags specifically that I know of, but I’m very annoyed with Instagram in general right now. I’ve noticed a ton of glitches since the update, and also when I’m scrolling through hashtags, I’ve noticed some crazy inappropriate content is escaping their filters. Not sure if that was present before, but it keeps coming up on hashtags that should be harmless.
    I’m like you in that someday, I’d love to leverage blogging into a business, so it frustrates me when tools make it so difficult to build our audiences.
    I’ve just joined Snapchat recently, and I have a feeling that as Instagram looses ground, Snapchat is going to become more and more important for us as bloggers.


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