Outfit: Shake It Off


It’s been a looooong week, y’all.

On Monday, I got moved to a new position at work.  I’m basically doing the same thing as before…except with a lot of other duties.  I’m in a different department, and I’m so excited to be there, but this whole week has been about training (read: being talked at all day).  I can hardly sit still through a gripping movie, let alone something as dry as data manager software, so it’s been a little rough.

But you know what keeps me going?  A goooooood dress.  The kind you can’t wait to wear.  The one that makes you look amazing.  And that’s what this guy is.  I recently found this on a thrift binge, and I wish I could wear it everywhere.  I can’t get over how perfect it is.  Just the right length, twirly-whirly skirt, and THOSE MESH PANELS OMG I CAN’T WIGHEIWUGH

Okay, sorry for the freakout.  I just can’t help myself!

Dress: thrifted

Bag: old, Gap

Shoes: Payless