Outfit: Lost Woods


One of the things I love most about shooting is exploring new settings.  Sure, I’m lucky to have a few gorgeous “go-to” locations, but what I really love is looking up lists of forest preserves and parks to find spots that are fresh and interesting.  This way, I don’t get bored, and I always have something different to interact with when I’m posing.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out quite the way I expect it to.


When I found the listing for Burlington Park in Naperville, I thought it might be a nice open area with manicured lawns, flower beds, and paved walkways.  I did not expect to step–in heels, no less!–into a wild meadow with uneven terrain.  Still, I can’t complain.  The overgrown grass and felled logs made the perfect backdrop to this “lost in the woods” theme, and I had plenty of fun scrambling over tree trunks and picking wildflowers for my hair.  It might not be what I had imagined, but you know, I think this makes a much more enchanting locale.

Hat: vintage

Cardigan: ModCloth

Blouse: old, Urban Outfitters

Dress: vintage

Shoes: old, ModCloth

Bag: old, ModCloth