Outfit: I Think We’re Alone Now

DSC_1279With the fair weather here to stay, everyone and their mom is out and making excellent use of the parks and forests near my home.  Unfortunately, that means most of my usual locations are now populated by dozens of people.  You get all types: the ones who gawk at me taking pictures of myself, ones who are completely oblivious and walk straight into the shot, ones who ask if I’d like them to help me–I can’t fault any of them for it, but it does get a lil frustrating when you’re working on getting that perfect shot and it keeps getting ruined by one thing or another.




Fortunately, this is one of those lonely, forgotten places that I can rely on for a beautiful backdrop, even on the nicest days.  It seems no one ever likes to come out to the Glos Gardens, but I can’t see why.  This place is beautiful!

By the way, I started playing with the highlight/shadow colors again now that the foliage is alive and so springy.  If you’re curious about how to do that, you should check out this blog post by Liana at Finding Femme.  It really makes a difference!

Necklace: old, ModCloth

Top: thrifted

Sweater: old, Stitch Fix

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: old, ModCloth