Outfit: New Girl in Town

DSC_0939.jpgWhen I was a little toddler, my hair grew in pretty golden ringlets.  When I was 13, my mom let me dye the tips a bright red (not much unlike the purse I’m carrying in these pictures).  At 14, I had streaks of black.  The next year, I became a ginger and was simply called “Irish” by the old ladies at the hospital where I volunteered.  After that phase, I went almost completely black.  And by the end of high school, I desperately wanted to become a blonde again.



Except instead of going back to the soft gold of my baby days, I wanted to bleach the life out of my hair.  As both my parent and hairdresser, my mom strongly advised against it, telling me that the bleach would ruin my hair–making it dry and brittle.  Over the last eight years, we’ve compromised with highlights, but I was never 100% satisfied with the results.  I kept begging for those Gwen Stefani locks.

And I won.

Last week, my mom finally gave in and bleached my hair.  It was an hours-long process, but it was completely worth it.  I finally feel like I have the hair color that’s right for me.  I love it, and I can’t stop looking at it.  It’s amazing to finally have something I’ve wished for this long!

So, in the spirit of new things, I thought I’d put together an outfit inspired by New Girl.  Have I ever seen it?  Nope.  As I mentioned a while ago, I don’t like Zooey Deschanel as an actress, but DAMN, do I love her style. I’m really feeling those a-line skirts, ballet flats, and, of course, the glasses!

Sweater: ModCloth

Top: old, ModCloth

Skirt: old, Book of Deer

Shoes: Payless

Bag: old, Gap