Outfit: Glad to See You Later

DSC_0320Chicago is the city where, on any given day, it can go from snowing to sunny 70s and no one thinks twice.  That’s exactly what it was like when I took these photos, and I was lucky to snap a few while the weather was absolutely, sublimely perfect.



DSC_0453DSC_0431Something I’ve been trying to do this year is revisit some of my favorite old spots, the ones I don’t go to as much since I moved.  This wonderful farm house was one of the very first places I ever shot.  I remember being afraid, then, of getting caught trespassing, so I didn’t even go up to the steps, but I’ve gotten much bolder over the months!

It’s definitely worth it.  I’m in love with that green and white backdrop, and the building is secluded enough that I’m usually very much alone–no passersby to stop and stare!

Cardigan: ModCloth

Top: old, ModCloth

Shorts: thrifted

Tights: old, Old Navy

Shoes: old, Forever 21

Bag: old, Gap