Outfit: Disney Princess Cheesin


As someone who gets the winter blues, I look forward to springtime with unmitigated gusto.  The higher temps and longer days put a spring in my step that you’d have to see to believe.  In fact, just yesterday at work, I almost felt like skipping down the halls–and that’s really saying something for someone who works in a miserable basement eight hours a day.







All this springtime vigor has even seeped into the blog.  I feel more energized than ever, and I think it shows.  This skirt and top reminded me a little of Snow White, especially with my red bag, so I thought I’d be a little silly and frolic through my favorite greenhouse.  Too bad there weren’t any birds or woodland creatures for me to sing to!

What about you?  Are you as excited for spring as I am?

Top: ModCloth

Skirt: ModCloth

Shoes: old, Seychelles

Bag: old, Gap

Watch: old, Olivia Burton



18 thoughts on “Outfit: Disney Princess Cheesin

  1. As a fellow Chicagoan, I am *more* than ready for spring! This outfit is seriously beyond cute! You’ve convinced me that I need to get this top. I’ve been on the fence about it for a while, because usually button-ups are a disaster on me. But it is JUST SO CUTE on you!!

    <3! Emily


    1. You should totally get it!! I don’t like button-downs either because I’m short and they always fit me strangely, but this one worked out well.


  2. Oh yeah, I feel the princess vibe too! That bun just emphasises it 😉
    Although I live in a country with only 2 seasons: rainy and dry, spring seems like such a good idea right about now. It seems like it’s been a harsh one for everyone. Hang in there!
    Also, what is that photo at the very end? Looks like a kaleidoscope!

    Alive as Always


    1. Haha, over here, the joke is that we only have two seasons as well–blistering heat and bitter cold! Hopefully, spring will come soon. And yep! I took that picture through a kaleidoscope that was stuck among the flowers.


  3. I love these photos! The outfit does remind me a bit of Snow White. That blouse is just so cute and you always wear it so well. And yeah, I’m pretty excited about spring as well, although, I think it’s some time left before we get it here…
    Much love,


    1. I hope you get some springtime soon! I’m terrified that the nice weather we’ve been having in Chicago is just a tease and that we’ll get pummeled with snow again soon. 😥


    1. You should totally get it! It’s one of those tops I really look forward to wearing as soon as it’s out of the laundry! 🙂


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