Remix: THE Black Shorts

DSC_0190Apart from my spiky-collared blouse, my favorite article of clothing is a humble pair of black denim shorts I bought for around $5 at H&M years and years ago.  They’re a little less black than they used to be, and they’ve loosened up in some odd places, but man, I look forward to these guys coming out of the wash like it’s Christmas Day.  I love wearing them all year long, but I have a soft spot in my heart for those colder days when I can wear my shorts with tights or some cute knee socks.  Here are some of the ways I’ve styled those ol’ reliables in the last year:


What about you guys?  What’s your favorite piece of clothing?



10 thoughts on “Remix: THE Black Shorts

    1. Oh no, are your shorts too frayed to wear? It’s so sad when your favorite clothes get to the unwearable point, no matter how many patches you sew or stains you clean.


  1. These photos are so cute! I love how differently you’ve managed to style that one piece of clothing. I need to become better at that!
    I love those shorts on you!
    Much love,


    1. Thank you, darling Mona! Honestly, it’s mostly because I get bored with my clothes, so I try to mix them up as much as possible. I’m glad it works out!


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