Outfit: Old Town


Now that I’ve been blogging for over a year, some things are starting to come full circle, and this shoot is a great example of that.  First off, I’m wearing practically the same outfit as I did in October, just with a different sweater and a bun instead of a bowler on my head.  Second, I’m back in the same place at the same time of year.




My parents and I have an odd St. Patrick’s Day tradition: whenever the holiday rolls around, we make a trip up north and visit a little old village called Long Grove.  It’s filled with historic buildings that are chock full of antiques and imported treasures and candies, and it’s a lovely place to spend an afternoon.  There are some small Irish boutiques, and there’s usually a few Irish dancers jigging in the square, so that’s why we always go at this time of year.

A few things got in the way this year, so I went alone to take some pictures.  I was too late to watch the dancers, but it was plenty nice to meander through the town for a while.  Hopefully next year, we’ll get the timing down just right once more.

Blouse: old, Urban Outfitters

Sweater: Gap

Shorts: old, H&M

Tights: old, Old Navy

Boots: old, Dolce Vita

Bag: old, ModCloth


6 thoughts on “Outfit: Old Town

    1. Thank you! My boyfriend told me I should start having more fun with my pictures, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m glad you liked them!


  1. I am loving this outfit so very much! It cute and chic! Simple and elegant in a quirky way! Love it!
    The last photo is ridiculously adorable!
    Much love,


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