Outfit: Forever Yellow


Over the weekend, I was spending a lot of time analyzing some of my favorite bloggers’ pictures and trying to figure out just what made them so great.  While they each have distinctive styles, some of the things that struck me were the beautiful composition of each photo as well as the breathtaking use of color.


While I have a long way to go before I develop some great composing skills (hi, I’m too much of a ham at the moment), I did figure out a way to really punch up the color in all the right places.  For so long, I’ve been de-saturating my pictures, trying to make them look more “vintage,” but I’ve realized how important it is to use color to draw the eye in.  After some careful Google research, I learned about the Vibrance slider in Lightroom.  When you use this tool, it adjusts the least saturated colors so they stand out a bit more.  What’s great about it is that it usually leaves your skin tone alone, so you don’t look unnatural.  In my case, I’m my normal pasty self, but my sweater and the embroidery on my belt stand out more than ever!  I can’t wait to work on more shoots so I can edit them with this new trick!



What about you?  Do you have some special tricks that you use to edit your photos?



5 thoughts on “Outfit: Forever Yellow

    1. Thank you! You know, what you said about the color reminds me a little of my mom: she was never a yellow fan because it seemed like a “lesser” color to her as a kid (whereas blue and red were “cool”), but over the years she came to see it as happy and fun, too!


  1. Oooh I love the tiny bits of snow left on the grassy area behind you. The last photo has really good composition. I like how you’re framed by the fence posts and slightly off-center. It makes for a really interesting photo.

    Do you prefer using Lightroom over say, Photoshop? I’ve been working in graphic design for so long that by default I edit my images in Photoshop since that’s what I’m used to. I have Lightroom but have never used it! Generally I like to adjust the curves and color balance settings on my photos. I used to think I preferred photos on the “cooler” side of the color spectrum (more blue-toned) but lately I’ve been editing them to be more warm.


    1. I’m glad you liked that last shot, because it was really hard to time! I thought about posting some of the outtakes where I’m running to get to that spot before the timer goes off! I use Lightroom exclusively–Photoshop seems a little intimidating to me for some reason, and I like that with Lightroom, I can apply global changes pretty easily. For the color balance, I usually keep mine neutral on the blog, but sometimes I experiment with making them warmer when I post them to Instagram. It kind of fakes that sunset glow which I really like!!


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