Outfit: Devinne, Kelsey, and Frank


This weekend was so lovely that it was impossible not to take advantage of the nice weather for some photos around town!  I met up with one of my old college friends/fellow Quidditch player, Kelsey, and we started out the afternoon with a delectable waffle brunch before heading over to a gorgeous neighborhood filled with Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and decadently ornate Victorian mansions.


I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking and looking at these beautiful homes.  My dream has always been to one day live in a 19th century mansion–like one of these.  I don’t think that’ll ever happen, but a girl can dream!

Of course, what photo session would be complete without a few outfit pics?  I handed over my camera for the first time and Kelsey took some wonderful pictures in front of the Moore-Dugal house.  Can you believe someone actually lives in there?


Happily, Kelsey let me take a few of her outfit as well.  I really love her coat, especially with that tote!  Hopefully we’ll get to collaborate again soon–this was such a fun experience for me.





10 thoughts on “Outfit: Devinne, Kelsey, and Frank

  1. Ahhh, I live in a neighborhood that has a mix of modest homes and big historic mansions. I’m constantly walking around looking houses up on zillow and trying to figure how much I need to make to own one someday hahaha. You definitely look like you belong in a neighborhood like that though!



    1. I do the exact same thing!! There are some real estate offices near my tiny apartment that show the prices for some of their offerings (which are usually those sprawling manors), so whenever I glance at those asking prices, I do some fantasy math and try to see what it would take to buy one. Usually my line of thought starts like this: “If I save for the rest of my life…”


    1. Thank you! I’ve started to experiment with “second-day” curls, and I like how easy they are to work with. I wish my hair would do this every day, though!


  2. Oh my God! So much envy, Devinne!
    I did a presentation for a class on the Moore-Dugal house and it’s still one of my favourite works of his! I’ve never seen his works in colours though, so this post blows me away. I can’t believe how beautifully colourful they are.
    And did you say ‘lives’? As in…presently? How lucky!
    By the way, your hair is so cute!

    Alive as Always


    1. How cool that you did a presentation on that house! I think I’m lucky to live so close to it, but I think the current residents are much luckier! I live near several FLW houses, but none of them are quite as colorful as the MD House. However, almost all of the Victorian mansions around town are very vibrant. There’s even one that’s hot pink!


    1. Aren’t they?? How I wish I could live in one someday! And thank you–I’ve been trying out some more styles for second-day hair, and I think this one is a winner. I’ll pass along your compliment to Kelsey. I love her coat, too!


  3. I love those old houses in these photos, and it looks like they are preserved well. There’s a historic preservation zone a block away from me with so many beautiful Victorian-era homes that I’ll probably never be able to afford, but I like to walk by and look at them and daydream 🙂


    1. That’s got to be so lovely to walk through! Are they super colorful? The ones by me are very beautiful, but they do tend to be a little drab.


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