On My Wishlist: Book Of Deer SS16

BoD cover.JPGNow that I’m a grownup, nothing gives me more satisfaction than choosing my own meals.  Each night, it’s up to me and me alone to select something that’s tasty and satisfying.  That’s why a nice, big, overflowing bowl of Lucky Charms is my go-to dinner.  Those adorable shamrocks, balloons, and hearts make me happy–not to mention all that sweet, sweet sugar.  There’s nothing I look forward to more, not even ice cream or bagels smothered in Nutella.

So when Book of Deer unveiled their Lucky Charms-inspired Spring/Summer 2016 collection, you can imagine the frenzy I went into.  The line is everything I love and more–not only are all kinds of charms and talismans sprinkled on each piece, but the cuts are classic and easy to mix in with the rest of my wardrobe.  Here are a few of the items I’m craving:


Marshmallow Dress, $110

This print is killing me!  All my favorite Lucky Charms marshmallows are sprinkled over this delightfully retro dress.  That ruffled neckline and the halter straps make it even sweeter.


Rainbow Dress, $105

Fit-and-flares top the list of my favorite dress cuts, and when you make it in a soft chambray and scatter some adorable charms around the skirt, you’ve got something that’s truly perfect.


Magpie Skirt, $65

I can’t express how much I love those two magpies perched atop each pocket!  The more I look at this skirt, the more it appeals to me.  I can think of plenty of tops that would look so good against that green-and-white print…

If you’d like to see more from the Lucky Charms collection, you can check out the dreamy look book right here.  Let me know in the comments which pieces you like best!







6 thoughts on “On My Wishlist: Book Of Deer SS16

  1. YEEES! I agree with everything you said!!
    I’m so in love with this collection and its bold colours and lovely silhouettes!
    I didn’t manage to wait very long and have already ordered the marshmallow dress (so pretty and fun) and the green dress with magpies on it, the barnstar dress.
    You would look so amazing in that skirt! I can totally see you in it!!
    Much love,


    1. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to see you in those dresses! Thank goodness the end of the month is coming up so I can see how much money I have left over to get a few things! 🙂


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