Links a la Mode, February 18


I’m super excited to have been selected again for Independent Fashion Bloggers‘ Links a la Mode!  My post about Moxie was included with 19 others by some really talented bloggers.

If you’d like to get featured as well, here’s how it works: submit your post to the IFB Facebook page by Wednesday of each week.  The top 20 will be chosen and rounded up on Thursday.  If you were picked, paste the roundup on your blog (like I did below).  This means that not only are you featured on the IFB website, you’re also featured on 19 other blogs!

Here’s this week’s list.  I’m thrilled to see a few familiar bloggers on there!

Links à la Mode, February 18


2 thoughts on “Links a la Mode, February 18

  1. Your blog is the cutest! I love that the IFB Links a la Mode round up introduces us to each other. I was on this week’s round up, too. I’ve been browsing your blog and I have to tell you that I love your style, your photos are crisp and bright, your dog Moxie is adorable (as is the story about how you adopted her) AND you’re from the midwest! I live in Hong Kong, but before moving here, my hubby and I (and kids) lived in Madison, WI. I’m actually Australian/Malaysian but if anywhere in the US is home, it’s Wisconsin. I’ll definitely be visiting you again….


    1. I completely agree! LALM is such a nice way to “meet” other bloggers. And thank you–I love your style as well! That’s so cool that you live in Hong Kong now but that you’ve also been a Midwesterner. 🙂


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