Meet Mox, My Incredible Dog


It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated a post to my best canine friend, and since there are a few of you who don’t know her backstory, I wanted to tell you a little about Moxie today.  After all, she’s the namesake of my blog!

DSC_0053DSC_0012A couple of years ago, I had just moved out of my parents’ house, and I was getting pretty lonely without a dog.  I had grown up with one always at my side, so it felt strange not to have a fuzzy friend around.  All too often, I found myself browsing through dog adoption sites, and by the summer of 2014, I was ready to bring one home.DSC_0141DSC_0094DSC_0111

I was looking for a boy dog, one that was young but no longer a puppy, and not too big.  Instead, I ended up with a wiggly girl puppy with huge paws that foretold her heftier adult size.  The night I took her home from the shelter, I was both overjoyed and panicked–how would I ever raise a puppy?  The two dogs I grew up with had been at least a year old when they came to live with us, so I was clueless.

It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure.  Going through Moxie’s teething phase was painful (literally) for both of us, and I remember coming home on many occasions to find that she had chewed something or other–the cabinets, the table, even the floor.  Eventually, though, she grew out of most of her bad habits, and now we’re on a pretty even keel.



DSC_0137These days, Moxie is truly my best friend.  The highlight of my day is coming home and watching her tail wag furiously as I walk through the door.  We share my bed–well, I’m not sure I would call her sprawling all the way across the mattress “sharing.”  I take her with me whenever I can–to run errands, to go on hikes, but especially to her favorite place, my parents’ house.

Getting to know her has been so much fun.  Now that she’s nearly two years old, she’s developed some strong preferences.  Likes: peanut butter, the snow, my parents’ dog Zak, my bathtub, giving kisses.  Dislikes: trucks and the neighbor dog.

I can’t wait to see what the years ahead have in store for us.  My dream has always been to adopt a brother or sister for her–maybe one day I’ll be writing a post about that dog!

Do you have any pets?  What do you love best about them?

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22 thoughts on “Meet Mox, My Incredible Dog

  1. This post is BEYOND CUTE! I’ve wanted a dog for so long, but unfortunately my life isn’t stable enough to get a lil pup of my own. I’m so happy that you have had such a great experience with Moxie, she sure is a looker. A have a tiny cat who gets into everything, but I lover her anyway. I grew up with so many animals, I can’t imagine not having a pet!



    1. I love your cat!! Every time you post a picture of her, I just get a big smile across my face. I’m totally with you on always needing to have a pet. It can be hard to be a “single mom” for a dog, but I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her.


    1. Aww, I’m glad to know Moxie isn’t the only pup who loves the tub! (The funny thing is that she likes being in there when it’s dry–when she has to take a bath, all hell breaks loose!) And thank you very much!


  2. Moxie is so cute! I’ve never had the experience to grow up with a pet (except maybe goldfish and hamsters, but their lives were short lived, I’m afraid) but I bet it was the best feelings. She looks like such a pal and has the best of tastes (peanut butter? yes, please!).
    Absolutely love the love you guys radiate towards each other in this post 😉

    Alive as Always


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