On My Wishlist: ModCloth’s Spring Collection

MC Wishlist Cover

If I were to say I’m a ModCloth fan, that would be a terrible understatement.  I buy so much stuff from that website that most days, my outfits have at least one ModCloth piece.  It probably doesn’t help that I take some time every weekend to add to my wishlist.  Their spring collection just dropped, so I thought I’d show you a few of the things I’m dreaming of right now!

Lately, I’ve been falling madly in love with mint and coral tones, fun prints, and full skirts, so it’s no surprise that all these elements made it into my list.  Spring, can you hurry it up a little?!

MC Wishlist 5

Alfresco in Avignon Dress, $119.99

I’d love to wear something like this while I’m out and about in the city during the warmer months.  The colors and that crazy pattern are screaming, “Take me to the Shedd!”  I’d love to pair it with some crazy colored platform sandals.

MC Wishlist 11

Garden Gallery Skirt, $49.99

Like a pastel picnic blanket, this skirt is giving off some seriously balmy weather vibes.  I’d probably shorten this a bit and wear it with my gray ankle-strap flats and a floaty top.

MC Wishlist 6

Cafe Au Soleil Top, $39.99

This is the kind of top I’d like to get away with at work.  I bet I could if I wore it with a bright yellow cardi and my favorite jeans.

MC Wishlist 8

Mine All Design Dress, $119.99

I’m going to Florida with my boyfriend this spring, and this dress seems perfectly suited to the occasion!  I’m picturing us on the beach right now, with a giant sunhat perched on my head, of course!

MC Wishlist 10

Style Study Skirt, $64.99

I’d been getting away from novelty prints and the like during the winter, but now that spring is coming back, I’m so drawn to pieces like this!  This is one of those skirts that I wish came in petite sizes, because I know it’ll come past my knees and make heels a necessity, when really I would love to wear bright red flats with it!

Are you a ModCloth fan as well?  What are some of your favorite spring pieces?

(And in case you’re wondering, no, there are no affiliate links in this post, and I’m certainly not popular enough to be sponsored by ModCloth.  I just really love their clothes!)



8 thoughts on “On My Wishlist: ModCloth’s Spring Collection

  1. Not only do I shop at Modcloth way too much but, when I’m not shopping at Modcloth, before I buy something, I ask myself, “does this look like something that could have come from Modcloth?”

    Currently, the Cookout on the Town dress and the My Zest Intentions dress really want to come live with me.



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