An Open Letter to Men’s Rights Activists


**I always write my posts ahead of time and schedule them, and after I wrote this, I found out the Return of King meetup had been canceled (hooray!!).  However, I’ve decided to go ahead and publish this open letter anyway–too much of my heart is in it.**

To the men’s rights community, Return of Kings, and Roosh Valizadeh:

I heard you guys are planning a meetup this weekend in Rogers Park, Chicago.  That neighborhood means a lot to me.  It’s where I received my college education, met plenty of friends, and came into my own as a strong woman.  Because of my love for that part of town, and for myself and my friends, I wanted to let you know in no uncertain terms that you are not welcome to dirty the streets with your hateful agenda.

Unfortunately, despite the city’s overwhelming distaste for your message, you’ll be there to spread your woefully ignorant convictions anyway.  I’ll be there, too.  Care to know why?

As you might have already guessed, I’m a feminist.  Before you take the picture above and throw darts at it, give me a second to explain what a feminist is and why I am one.  Based on your “literature,” I can tell you have next to no knowledge about what the term actually means.  It’s okay.  I’m here to educate you.

At the heart of it, I support rights and equality for women and men.  That’s a very basic definition of feminism, but hopefully it’s simple enough for you to understand.  See, I want to make as much money as a man doing the same job.  I want to see people of my gender represented equally in the media.  I want to be recognized for my talent, and not my looks.  I don’t want to be talked down to because I’m a woman.  I don’t want to feel ashamed for enjoying sex.

The thing I don’t understand is why you’re so adamant about objectifying and oppressing us.  I’ve looked at your little primer on the Return of King website.  I’ve read about why you believe there should always be a sexual double standard, about the so-called intellectual inferiority of women, and about how you believe rape is A-OK if done in private.


I know you have no idea what it’s like to be a woman and have no desire to exercise any empathy, but let’s see what happens when we turn the tables on you.  How would you like to live with a constant, back-of-the-mind fear that someone is going to force himself on you?  How would you like to be expected to suck at math and science because of your gender?  How would you like to be called names when you display strength and assertiveness?

Let that sink in for a minute, then take it a step further.  What I want you to do now is to replace the words “woman,” “whore,” and “slut” in all of your disgusting articles and replace it with “man.”  THINK for a minute how that feels.  It is scary?  Do you feel uncomfortable?  Don’t worry.  It’s just pretend.  For you.

I hope my presence on Saturday makes you squirm.  In my eyes, you are a group of cowards who would rather tear down half the population of the world instead of work alongside them.  Prove me wrong.  Let’s start a discussion.  Show me that you are more than a hateful bigot.


6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Men’s Rights Activists

  1. Preach! This is an incredible letter and I am so there with you!
    To be honest, at first I didn’t know what the problem was. Wish you’d provided a link to click through, but you know, your letter clarifies everything in the end. The pettiest part is that they even feel the NEED to form a meeting. Also, I bet they cancelled it because there were so many complaints from so many women such as yourself. Although I don’t understand feminism all that well myself, I would also like to see a world where women don’t have to live in fear going down dark alleys when they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, just as men do.

    Alive as Always


    1. You know, I did think about providing a link, but I was afraid that if I did, the MRA website’s stats would go up so they’d get ranked higher on search engines–and I certainly don’t want that! I wish these guys would just disappear altogether. It really frightens me that they advocate violence toward women–hopefully, one day we will get to the point where these people get educated and change their perspectives on gender.


  2. Yes to everything you wrote! Roosh lives near where I grew up, so the coverage of him has been non-stop. I’m glad a big light has shone on these cockroaches, ugh.


    1. Me too. It seems like they’re at least a little bit ashamed of what they’re doing, so maybe this bad media attention will show them that they seriously need to reevaluate their belief system.


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