Teach Me: Quick Crown Twist


I’ve been playing around a lot with new hairstyles, and this is one I came up with for days when I’ve slept past my alarm, I haven’t had time to shower, and I need to do something nice to my hair for a big meeting.  This style will take you all of one or two minutes, and all you need are a few bobby pins!

  1. Part your hair deeply on one side.  I like to part mine right above my ear.
  2. Take the top section of your hair and start twisting away from your face. Take small sections of hair and incorporate them as you twist your hair around your head.
  3. Once you get around your head once, take the remaining hair and twist it into a long…twist.  (I don’t know if there’s a better word for that!)
  4. Pin that twist above the opposite ear, carefully tucking the ends underneath.


Outfit: Fantastic


Glamorous style blogger confession: I wore this dress two days in a row.  On the first, I matched it up with my Little Red Riding Hood tights, cognac flats, and a thick scarf, and I liked the ensemble so much that I wanted to remix it the very next day!  What better addition than this quirky little fox stole?  My mom bought it for herself years ago, wore it a few times, and finally, after lots of pleading, gave it to me.  Can you tell I’m in love?  I can hardly get enough of that sly mug.



The day before I took these pictures (Day 1 of this dress), I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Galloping Ghost arcade for the first time.  My boyfriend and I met up with some of my friends from work there, and I had such a blast!  I love going to arcades every now and then, but this was my favorite, by far.  There were so many rows of games that it felt like a maze I’d run through in a dream.  Lights and noise and laughter around every corner.

I spent the next day by myself, curled up in my bed with Moxie and running through Majora’s Mask on my DS.  I think the gaming bug gave me a teensy bite, but I’m not complaining.  There’s something to be said for getting lost in another world, at least for a little while.

What about you guys–do you like going to arcades/beercades?  If you’re from Chicago, what’s your favorite one?

Dress: old, ModCloth

Necklace: old, Forever 21

Scarf: hand-me-down

Belt: vintage

Tights: old, Old Navy

Shoes: old, Dolce Vita


Closet Raid: Lindsey of Have Clothes, Will Travel


For my first Closet Raid of the year, I wanted to feature one of my oldest blogging friends, Lindsey from Have Clothes, Will Travel.  She’s been an encouraging and supportive voice for nearly a year, all the way back when Mox and Socks was still Breve e Dolce and featured photos taken on my phone.



Her blog is among my favorites for so many reasons–first of which is her undeniable penchant for classic outfits with twist.  I love the way she pairs silhouettes like an elegant A-line with bright colors and fun prints, like this sweet panda-centric ensemble!


Not only are her clothes adorably enviable, the stories she shares on her blog are told in a way that sounds like an old friend catching up with you.  My absolute favorite post of hers was from her adventures at NYFW last year.  Reading about the Angel Sanchez show that she attended almost made me feel like I was there!


But most of all, what I love about Lindsey and her blog is how friendly and supportive she is.  She is always ready with a kind word and is such a positive force!  Her blog has grown by leaps and bounds since I’ve started following her, and it is so well-deserved.  And if you don’t already follow her, please check out Have Clothes, Will Travel!!



Outfit: Ketchup & Mustard




I’ve been on a little blogging break this past week, and it feels like it helped.  It was nice to not worry about taking pictures in the freezing cold and let my email inbox pile up.  Of course, by the end of the week, I found myself missing all of it, so here I am!  To be perfectly honest, I was starting to seriously consider shutting down Mox and Socks, but it seems all I needed was some time to step back and focus on other things.

What other things?  Well, it’s mostly one other thing: I’m back in the job market.  I won’t go into it, but I’ve been unhappy at work for a long time, and something happened that made me realize I need to move on to something better.  It’s been a while since I’ve looked for a job, but believe me, I did not forget how daunting it is.  That said, if you know of any job openings for a writer/layout artist/jack-of-all-trades in Chicago, let me know!!

Anyway, on a lighter note, I actually had a ton of fun shooting these pictures, even though it was probably about 20 degrees at the time.  The sun was warm, and I found a brand new location that I’m super excited about.  I’m standing on a small stage in a recently-renovated park, and I hope to get as much use out of it as possible before the warmer months are here and other people want to use it!

Hat: vintage

Scarf: quite old, from a chest at my parents’ house

Top: old, Gap

Skirt: eBay (Fun fact: I used to own this skirt, then I donated it, then I regretted it, and finally I happened to find another one on eBay and had to add it back to my closet!)

Tights: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: old, Topshop

Outfit: In This Light


Everybody’s got resolutions on their minds, and I’m no different.  Add to it the fact that my blogiversary is coming up (which I count as my birthday–at the end of this month–because that was the day I decided to get serious about Mox and Socks, or, as it was known then, Breve e Dolce), and I’ve been thinking hard about what my plans are for the future of this blog.


When I first started out, I intended this to be a fun and easy, once-a-month endeavor.  I quickly found, though, that I loved being immersed in the blogging world, and I discovered a passion for photography…or, at least, glorified selfies. Once a month became once a week and sometimes even more than that.

I have to admit, though, that I get burnt out pretty easily.  There’s so much to keep up with that sometimes I want to quit.  Obviously, I haven’t done that, but you might have noticed that sometimes I take breaks or do outfit post reruns in an effort to slow down.

The thing is, I feel like I’m at a point where I have a lot of momentum.  Every day brings me in contact with more people, teaches me new things, and keeps me on my toes.  I have so many ideas and big hopes for the new year that I would hate to give up or slow down now.

I know I’m not the first blogger to struggle with this feeling, so I want to turn it over to you–if you get the infamous blogger burnout sometimes, how do you cope with it?

Hat: old, Target

Coat: thrifted

Sweater: old, Old Navy

Top: old, ModCloth

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: ModCloth

Bag: old, ModCloth