Outfit: Holidays at the Mansion

DSC_1187-2.jpgLast week, I talked about one of my favorite shooting locations, good old Graue Mill.  This time, though, I wanted to lug my tripod and camera over to another prized location: a Prairie School mansion right in my own backyard.  I love taking pictures all over the grounds, but this time the walkway and house itself were decorated for the holidays, so off I went, prancing around the cobblestones.  Isn’t this place incredible?  I wish I could host a Christmas fete here!  Perhaps one day.


Speaking of goals, the new year is fast approaching, and I still haven’t come up with any resolutions.  Most of the time, when I think of something I need to work on, I get started with the change right away, but I do think it’s a good idea to have a few big, overarching goals for 2016.

So what might those be?  Here are a few that are floating around in my noggin right now:

  1. Become a better blogger.  This means more engagement with the community, using more Independent Fashion Bloggers tools (I’ve already started their Instagram bootcamp, and I’ve gotten a goodly amount of new followers in the last week), and working on collaborations.
  2. Improve my photography.  There’s a wealth of photography knowledge right here on Photography-Colleges.org.  I had a goal in 2015 to follow one tutorial or lesson per week, and I’ve really slacked off.  In the coming year, I want to renew that effort.
  3. Cook more.  The plan is to cook once a month and slowly work up to once a week.  Ambitious, I know.
  4. Stick with a fitness regimen.  I’ve been taking barre classes at a Dailey Method studio nearby, and I LOVE IT.  It’s a challenge for me, and I feel great after each class.  I just hope that feeling can overcome my temptation to stay in bed and watch Walking Dead reruns on Netflix.
  5. Spend more time with Moxie.  She’s a very high energy kind of pup, and I know she needs more attention.  I’m going to make it a priority to play with her more, take her to more places, and give her more treats.  Maybe we’ll even incorporate some running into the routine!

There you have it!  These resolutions are pretty realistic, and I hope I can stick with them.  What are your plans for 2016?

Scarf: old, Old Navy

Cardigan: ModCloth

Dress: thrifted

Tights: old, Forever 21

Flats: old, Topshop



11 thoughts on “Outfit: Holidays at the Mansion

  1. Lovely place! Lovely decorations! Lovely outfit! Lovely you!
    I don’t usually make any resolutions, I feel like they become these big, heavy things that’s always at the back of your mind. It might be my anxious nature, but resolutions make me feel bad. Instead of that I’m just hoping for a very nice new year. I’m looking forward to 2016, I have a good feeling about it 🙂
    Hope you have a perfect NYE and a lovely new year!
    Much love,

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  2. This is such an awesome photo location! And your outfit is gorgeous! I really love the purple tights. And I am with you on the better photography goal…that has been the ever elusive goal for me for some reason. (I think it’s because it’s so intimidating for some reason.)


  3. I love the deep jewel tone of the purple tights- goes well with the ornaments in the pictures. I have similar New Year’s resolutions to yours, but your blog has jumped leaps and bounds since I started following you! I can’t wait to see your posts in the upcoming year.


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