Outfit: Hurry Down the Chimney


I don’t know if you guys can tell, but these photos were shot with my brand new 50mm lens!  I’d been lusting after one for the last few months, and I finally decided to go for it.  When I first bought my DSLR back in the spring, I accompanied it with a decent 35mm lens.  I didn’t realize then that a 50mm is much better suited for style blogging, but boy, can I see the difference now.

I don’t know much about cameras, but what I do know is that a 50mm makes the background a little blurrier than a 35mm, which means the subject is in sharper focus.  It makes a lot of sense that most style bloggers are using 50mm lenses because it helps keep the outfit front and center, so to speak.

Speaking of the outfit, I’m wearing one of the new pieces I bought during Book of Deer’s Black Friday sale!  I’d been seeing tons of other bloggers wearing BoD pieces, and I immediately fell in love.  When all was said and done, I ended up with two skirts and a knit hat, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more!

Book of Deer is full of whimsy, with unexpected details here and there.  The skirt I’m wearing is part of the Ode to Iceland collection for AW15, and the pieces range from dramatic glow-in-the-dark echoes of the Northern Lights to dresses and skirts peppered with wee elf houses.  Last season’s theme was Country Kitchen, and I bought a skirt from this collection as well–expect to see that soon!

Are any of you Book of Deer fans?  What’s your favorite collection so far?

Top: thrifted

Skirt: Book of Deer

Socks: old, Urban Outfitters

Shoes: old, Payless

Bag: Disaster Designs


13 thoughts on “Outfit: Hurry Down the Chimney

      1. That’s about what mine cost, and I’m really pleased with what I got. Good luck finding the right one! I know buying a lens can be a lot of work!

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  1. Devinne! These photos are absolutely stunning! Soooo soo beautiful! Like gorgeous!
    And that outfit is outstanding – I think it might be my favourite of all your outfits of the season! The skirt is beautiful and I love how you’ve styled it with the blouse and the over knee socks! So lovely! And You are just as beautiful as you always are with your perfect face!
    Much love,


  2. I know very little about cameras (I’m going to learn one day, I swear!), but I can tell that your photos look awesome! I noticed right away on Instagram that you were sharper and the background was blurrier! 🙂 And oh my goodness!! Your outfit is fantastic! I love every bit of it! Your bag is so cute and I love the stockings with your wedges! (I can’t get enough of wedges!) Also, I have been meaning to check out Book of Deer for quite a while now, they always seem to have the cutest stuff.



  3. Oh, Devinne! You look divine in this outfit! (See what I did there? 😉 )
    And yes, I do see an elevated level of beauty in these photos, due to the different lensing. Love the house theme that’s going on throughout this look, especially that ginger bread house purse!
    Can’t wait to see you style the previous BoD collection! That one’s my favourite!

    Alive as Always


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