Outfit: Too Late



Do you ever feel a little twinge of longing when you see some other blogger’s pictures on Instagram and think to yourself, “I wish my life was like that”?  Maybe she’s decorated her living room with tons of cute knickknacks, perhaps her hair is salon-perfect, and her dog looks like she didn’t fail Puppy I and Puppy II.

Sometimes I really need to remind myself of the un-glamorous side of things, because I tend to get a little caught up in the fantasy land of blogging.  I wish I just had the great living room and hair and dog, but I very easily forget everything that goes on behind the scenes to get everything just right for those two or three shots you get to see.

Which is why I wanted to talk about the latest thing I learned to do in Lightroom: teeth whitening!  I’m not exactly thrilled about the way my teeth look, and despite trying every whitening toothpaste I can get my hands on, nothing really changes.  For this post, I finally learned how to fake it in Lightroom, and I’m pretty excited about the way it turned out.  Pearly whites without the enamel damage!  Hooray!

While I’m at it, I’d also like to note some of the other adjustments I make in my photos.  Obviously, what you see here isn’t exactly what I had captured on my camera.  Apart from the technical lighting/contrast/curve stuff, I always remove blemishes from my skin and lint from my clothes (if possible–sometimes the dog hair is too much).  I also smooth out my skin a little.  Other than that, though, this is what I look like.  I’m not any taller or shorter, thinner or heavier in real life.  But my teeth, well, at least you know about that.

Headband: old, Forever 21

Necklace: old, Stitch Fix

Dress: eBay

Tights: old, Target

Shoes: old, Seychelles



3 thoughts on “Outfit: Too Late

  1. It’s so hard not to get too envious of other people’s insta/blogger lives. I have to constantly remind myself that everyone is dealing with things outside the blogosphere, though they are often presented as picture perfect. I like that you’re honest here about what you change! I also edit out any blemishes. I have a skin condition that affects the pigment of my skin, so sometimes I’ll smooth out the color on my back/arms if it seems too visible. It’s silly the little things like that that make such a big difference to us bloggers, but I’m sure no one else notices. I guess it’s just hard when you are constantly putting yourself out there to be judged.

    ANYWAY, great look! Love those tights 🙂




  2. I don’t really think about it like that. I very rarely look at someone else and feel a sort of longing, other than when I see someone in a really cute outfit and I wish it would appear in my own wardrobe. Like I did now when I saw you in that beautiful dress. You are absolutely stunning in it. The colour looks so amazing with your skin and hair. Beautiful as always!
    Much love,


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