Pretty Please: A Clothes Horse’s Capsule Collection


I’ve been a big fan of A Clothes Horse for about a year, now–in fact, that blog was a major factor in deciding to start Mox and Socks!  Rebecca’s photos have a dreamy quality that pulls you right into the narrative, and her style is so very classic and feminine.

When she announced that she had designed a capsule wardrobe, you can imagine how I reacted when she started teasing sketches of the clothes (the one above is by Maelle of Cirque de Papier).  Each design featured a throwback silhouette and a quirky map print, and I immediately started picturing those pieces in my closet.

Photos by Rebecca of A Clothes Horse

As she writes on her blog, the collection was inspired by one of her favorite vintage dresses–with that same unique triangle pattern–and came together when she found this incredible map print, complete with sea dragons!

Everything went up for pre-order on Monday, and you can bet I snapped one of them up right away!  I ordered the dress, which can even be worn backwards!  I’m excited to dream up some fun ways of styling it!  (Can you tell how thrilled I am?!)

Rebecca’s collection is being sold through Trunkist and all items were made in the US.  Check it out here!


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