Thanksgiving in List Form

DSC_0493.jpgSince I was in high school, I’ve tried to put together a list every year of things I’m grateful to have in my life.  Though there are many more–I could definitely pad this out with every brand of General Mills cereal–here are 50 for 2015!

  1. Moxie Girl’s boundless energy.
  2. My parents’ endless support for my brother and me.
  3. Having a job doing something I enjoy.
  4. Access to literally thousands of photography tutorials.
  5. My friends, who love me even when I screw up spectacularly.
  6. Living alone.  Everything is clean all the time!
  7. Public parks.
  8. Being small enough to fit into kids’ clothes and shoes.
  9. Online dating.
  10. My parents’ incredible age-defying genes.
  11. Knowing how to read and write.
  12. Vitamin D supplements, which help chase those winter blues away.
  13. Living 20 minutes from the center of Chicago.
  14. The friends I sit with at lunch, who keep me sane on crazy days at work.
  15. Frequent cancer screenings.
  16. Being close to my family.
  17. Having been encouraged, since I was born, to be no one but myself.
  18. Mental health days.
  19. Friendiversaries.
  20. Having a mom who doubles as a hairdresser.  Free haircuts for life!
  21. Piet Mondrian.
  22. Endless amounts of blogging inspiration.
  23. Having free time.
  24. Practice and improvement.
  25. Winter boots for Moxie.  Not only do they keep her feet dry and salt-free, but she also looks hilarious clomping around in them!
  26. My favorite vintage black granny boots.
  27. The fact that my gram’s cancer is in remission.
  28. The inevitability of change.
  29. Goals (setting and meeting).
  30. Thrift shops in wealthy neighborhoods, where you can get designer clothes for under $5.
  31. Being truly happy with my appearance.
  32. Never having to wonder where my next meal is coming from.
  33. Useless knowledge.
  34. Growing up in the ’90s.
  35. Treat Yo’ Self Day.
  36. Greenhouses and conservatories.
  37. My mom’s cooking.
  38. 24-hour animal hospitals.
  39. Green spaces.
  40. The direct relationship between confidence and age.
  41. Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari.
  42. Moxie’s very expressive personality.
  43. Being a woman in this day and age.  It’s not perfect, but at least it’s not 1950 anymore.
  44. Potatoes.  Mashed, fried, boiled, baked–all of them.
  45. Podcasts.
  46. Feeling safe in my neighborhood.
  47. My dog walker, who not only takes Moxie on long strolls when I’m at work, but who also sends me pictures and comments from each walk.
  48. The talents of my friends, who inspire me always.
  49. Consciousness.
  50. Knowing that Glenn is still alive.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in List Form

  1. This is lovely! I like how you mixed really serious ones with every day things!
    I like the idea, might do that next year for thanksgiving 🙂
    Much love,


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