Outfit: Grey Tickles



I’ve found, with this blog, that my interest in certain aspects of it waxes and wanes with some frequency.  For a long time, I only cared about photography and getting all the right shots.  Then I was obsessed with editing.  Now, I’m more focused on styling my outfits.  Of course, I still think photography, editing, and the like are extremely important, but I’d rather put a little more effort into the outfits for now.  That’s why you might start seeing some very simple outfit posts on my Instagram–instead of taking the time to go out and take pictures in the park, I just want to capture what I put together for work, for dates, or for hanging out with Baby Lamb and a pizza.  I’m sure that will change a few weeks or months from now!

Anyway, I took these pictures a few weeks ago, before the wind and rain blew away all the golden leaves that had been clinging so hard to the trees.  I’m going to miss autumn, but this morning I realized Thanksgiving is next week, so I’m pretty happy about that.  Thanksgiving, I’ve come to find, is probably my favorite holiday.  The food is the best I’ll have all year, it’s super chill, and the whole point of the holiday is to take a look at your life and be happy about all the good things you have going on.  Each year, I like to put together a long list of things I’m grateful for, so expect that to be published in the near future.

What about you guys–what’s your favorite holiday?  How do you like to celebrate it?

Hat: vintage

Shirt: vintage

Scarf: old (unsure of origin)

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: ModCloth


3 thoughts on “Outfit: Grey Tickles

  1. I love the golden tones in these photos, it makes me so nostalgic for actual autumn like on the East Coast where I grew up.

    I love Thanksgiving because of all the food (obviously!) but I also love Christmas. I love watching Christmas movies, giving people gifts, holiday music, everything about it!


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