Outfit: Finish What We Started

I hardly think there’s anything I love more than a good night’s sleep.  A solid eight hours (eight-and-a-half if I’m lucky) with my nose just above my quilt and a warm puppy at my feet does my soul good.  I look forward to bedtime with the kind of relish that most people reserve for a really good dessert.  And if I don’t get to enjoy a full night of rest, it’s best to stay out of my way until I can erase my sleep debt.

I’ll go to great lengths to get to bed on time, which is why yesterday was so unusual.  I was editing these pictures and just kept going.  My bedtime came and went, yet I was still up and tweaking each photo until it was just right.  I started playing with the shadows and saturation and enjoyed it so much that I had to talk myself into bed.

That’s how you know you’ve found work you love.

Anyway, taking these pictures was also pretty fun.  I came across a Little Free Library box and spent some minutes flipping through a Wishbone book.  Have you ever seen these?  In my town, there are little birdhouse-like boxes set up all over the place and filled with books.  Take what you want to read, donate a novel you love–it’s up to you.  I love the idea and have picked up a few books already.  Still deciding what I could donate, though!

Jacket: ModCloth

Sweater: thrifted

Turtle necklace: vintage

Skirt: hand-me-down

Socks: old, Forever 21

Shoes: Payless


5 thoughts on “Outfit: Finish What We Started

  1. Little libraries are such a great idea. My boyfriend has one across the street from him, and the other one down the road is stocked with books AND dog treats! Glad to see other cities taking advantage of them!


  2. Gosh what a cute idea with the library boxes!! I’ve never seen those in Sweden. That’s such a darling little thing.
    And I love this outfit of yours. It looks cosy and comfortable but still chic. Very nice!
    Hope you are having a beautiful week.
    Much love,


  3. I’m the same way with sleep. I used to stay up SO late during college but now with a regular work schedule, I need my 8 hours of sleep to function the next day! Love the heart sweater!


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