Closet Raid: Carey Mulligan in An Education

With fall in full swing, I’m finding that most of my outfits these days are dominated by prep school elements like sweaters over crisp collars and a healthy dose of knee socks.  It’s no surprise, then, that I’ve found myself drawn to Carey Mulligan’s costumes as Jenny Mellor in An Education.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but her outfits–both pre-and post-education–have stuck with me all this time.  Though there’s a distinct difference between her school-days outfits and her mid-century glamour girl ensembles, they’re both well-structured, simply elegant, and undeniably chic.  Oh, and lest I forget, let’s take a moment to admire her fabulous ’60s hair, all right?

Which is your favorite look?  I’d love to know!


3 thoughts on “Closet Raid: Carey Mulligan in An Education

  1. Oh I love An Education, Carey Mulligan, and everything she wears in it!
    I’ve been looking for a fabric similar to the one of Jenny’s Paris dress (the first photo) since I saw it. I just love that dress so much, it’s so beautiful and elegant!
    Very lovely post!
    Much love,


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