Outfit: Her My Oh Knee

In case you’ve ever wondered what my favorite sweater looks like, here it is.  Most people go ahead and guess that it’s an homage to Harry Potter, and while it certainly is, there’s a lot more to this collegiate-esque cardigan than meets the eye.

I grew up, like lots of other kids, tearing into each new volume of the Harry Potter series.  My parents brought me to book release parties and even got into the books themselves (well, my dad, anyway).  I spent many a summer diving back into the stories, and to this day, if I so much as read a line, I’ve got to get through every book once again.

When I got older and went to college, my friend had the idea to start a Quidditch team, and I served as vice president (and eventually president) of the organization.  The club was nothing to sneeze at; apart from having a decent showing our first year, the games were intense and passionate and rife with drama.  Those were some of the best times I had in college.

To commemorate my love for HP and Quidditch (and to represent my school’s colors), I bought this sweater during my senior year.  And I will love this thing until it’s in tatters.  Every time I wear it, every time someone asks me if it’s a Harry Potter sweater, I get the warmest warm fuzzies you can possibly imagine.

Any Potter fans out there?  (Besides Mona, of course!! 🙂  Girl, I know you’re a bigger fan than I am!!)

Sweater: old, Urban Outfitters

Tee: thrifted

Necklace: old, ModCloth

Jeans: old, Stitch Fix

Socks: gift

Shoes: ModCloth


8 thoughts on “Outfit: Her My Oh Knee

  1. Hahaha! I LOLed at the ending!
    I love love love that sweater! That’s so amazing! And what beautiful colours it is!
    And I love love love that you had a quidditch team! How fun is that! I love the idea of it, I love that you guys did it! And I just love everything about it! What position did you play?
    Love this! One of my favourite posts you’ve done so far (of course… ahaha).
    Much love,


    1. I was a Chaser most days, but sometimes I played backup as a Beater. I was TERRIBLE, but it was so much fun. I miss those days!!


  2. I love that people always ask you if that’s a Harry Potter sweater! That’s so cool you had a Quidditch team in college. I also grew up reading the books and I had some friends that worked at Borders during high school/college so when the HP books came out it was always insanity for the midnight book release parties! I pretty much avoided the Internet for about a week before Deathly Hallows came out because I didn’t want to accidentally come upon any leaks or potential spoilers…and when my mailman delivered my copy from Amazon I stayed in my room and read the ENTIRE book straight through the night. My parents thought I was nuts, haha.


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