Outfit: GMF

Okay, youse–I’m back.  No more reruns for another three months or so.  To tell you the truth, I quite missed working on this blog!  There would be times during my week off that I’d want to go and start something or stage a shoot, but I knew I needed a rest.  It makes me love Mox and Socks that much more.

Anyway, I took these pictures before my break, so a couple of weeks ago, but I still remember the shoot with bitter clarity.  Now that the colors are changing, I wanted to go to this park nearby that has a patch of marshland with a wooden bridge across it.  Very picturesque, which is why a huge band of high schoolers chose it as their spot to take homecoming pictures.  Disgruntled but not discouraged, I toted my gear down a ways and came to a rustic bit of fence off on the perimeter of the park, but even there, I didn’t get a lot of peace.  Some kind of faith healing event was going on and I found it very difficult to concentrate, especially when children started coming up to me with brochures and pamphlets about healing my life.  Not really my thing.  I was lucky to even get the few decent shots I’m sharing today before I scuttled back to my car and drove home.

Such is the glamorous life of a style blogger.  Mmhmm.


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